Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Replace Old Mirror Clips for Heavier Clips

Fig.1 Large Mirror
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Cordless driver with a Phillips bit
Electrical wire cutting tool 
Heavy duty mirror clips with screw 
Measuring tape 
Wood stud

Mrs. H. called my repair service for repair a loose mirror, the mirror had clips but they were not in the correct location.   

This post shows the seven steps to removing mirror the old clips and installing larger more weight bearing mirror clips.  

Step 1: Fig.1 the bathroom cabinets and the mirror attached to the wall. The first step is to make sure the mirror is leveled. This mirror was correctly leveled, this mirror has lined etching and that is the reason why it must be leveled.
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the Handyman is taking the picture of measuring the size of the mirror.
Fig.2 Measure mirror
Step 3: Looking at the mirror the clips were too small and could not cover the mirror width, plus each clip was not in the correct location. Fig.3 shows the mirror clip was bent backwards. If the clip had been the correct size the mirror clips would have been flat against the mirror.
Fig.3 Small clip
Step 4: Fig.4 that the mirror clip is flat against the mirror and can easily handle the mirror weight.
Fig.4 Large clip
Step 5: Mirror clips must be aligned top and bottom and if possible into a wood or metal stud. Mirrors are heavy and usually made of glass so if the clips are not into a wood or metal stud then its possible for a mirror to fall off the wall. In most homes, the mirror has a metal ledge that holds the mirror weight plus the mirror has an adhesive on the back of the mirror to give the mirror more strength. Fig.5 shows the new mirror clip in its correct location and the old mirror clip being removed with electrical wire cutters.
Fig.5 Remove
Step 6: Fig.6 and fig.7 shows that a measuring tape was used to match the location of each mirror clip. Fig.7 also shows the white anchor in the wall, it was removed and the mirror clip was screwed into the wood stud.
Fig.6 Measuring tape
Fig.7 White anchor
Step 7: Fig.8 shows two of the three mirror clips that were used on the top and the bottom of the mirror. A cordless screwdriver placed the last wood screw into the new clip. Now Mrs H. mirror is safe and will not fall off the wall.
Fig.8 Mirror clips
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