Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Replace Bathroom Ceiling Lamp in a Mobile Home

By Gary Boutin
Electrical tester
120 to 240 Volt

Supplies and Tools:
Electrical tape 
Electrical tester 120 to 240 volt
Six bulb lamp
Wire nuts

Mrs. Henderson owned a mobile home in a beautiful part of Pasadena, California. The park was surrounded by wildlife and large lakes. She had an aging mobile home but in the best position to watch the birds flying and swimming in her park. Today she called my repair service to replace and aging lamp in the bathroom. The lamp worked fine but even with two 60 watt lamps there was not enough light to do her makeup. 
This post shows eleven steps to removing an aging lamp for a new 6-60 watt bulbs lamp.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows an old lamp with two bulbs.
Fig.1 Old bathroom lamp
Step 2: Fig.2 and fig.3 shows the common (white), the hot (black) and the copper wire (ground). This mobile home uses a plastic box to house its electrical wires which is used because its lighter than metal.
Fig.2 Electrical box
Fig.3 Wiring
Step 3: Fig.4 shows the new lamp with the box next to it. This lamp had six bulbs versus the two removed. It's important to read the direction from the lamp box, not all lamps are the same when it come to taking them apart. Read the documentation and be safe.
Fig.4 New lamp
Step 4: Each lamp is clamped by a chrome cylinder and all must be removed to access the front panel. Then the front panel lift off the base plate. 
Step 5: Fig.5 shows that once the front panel has been removed, the wires are tied together for shipping.
Fig.5 Panel removed
Step 6: All the wires have been wired with wire nuts except the ground wire with was twisted together and inserted inside the ground clip in the plastic box. 
Step 7: Each lamp is clamped by a chrome cylinder and all must be removed to access the front panel. 
Step 8: Fig.6 shows the lamp is being leveled prior to screwing the lamp into the plastic box.
Fig.6 Lamp metal structure
Step 9: Fig.7 shows the lamp has been re-assembled and the first bulb on the right is lite and the lamp work correctly.
Fig.7 Re-assembling 
bathroom lamp
Step 10: Fig.8 shows all the bulbs have been inserted into the new lamp.
Fig.8 Installing new 
clear lamps
Step 11: Fig.9 shows the last step is to insert the plastic diffuser back into the light cabinet. Now the new lamp will provide Mrs. Henderson enough light to do her makeup.

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