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Garage Epoxy - Part 10 of 10 - Epoxy Paint Application

Rust-Oleum kit
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Rust-Oleum kit: Includes the epoxy coating, a concentrated cleaner, vinyl decorative chips, a stir stick and an instructional DVD, 1 gallon covers 250 sq. ft.
Paintbrush 3-inch-wide
Paint wood handle 6 ft
Semi smooth roller cover

Mr. Phon hired Carl and the Handyman to apply epoxy paint to his three car floor. He owned a beautiful home overlooking Azusa Hills, California.

This post shows the ten steps to Epoxy paint the garage floor.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the removed items from the cardboard box and the CD provided in the box. his will answer any questions you might have missed in my last post.
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the paint tray and the roller cover all assembled and ready to paint. This must be done before you mix the paint.
Fig.2 Long handle
 paint frame 
and roller
Step 3: Fig.3 shows the vinyl chips bag into the grass seeder.
Grass seeder
Step 4: Fig.4 shows the mixture of the paint and the hardener. Mix the two parts of Rust-Oleum epoxy floor coating in the paint can, there will be enough room for both cans. 

Note: Once the hardener has been inserted into the one-part-paint, there is less than an hour to use up the paint.
Fig.4 Hardener in 
small can paint 
in large can
Step 5: Fill a paint roller pan with mixed Rust-Oleum epoxy paint. Continue to stir the paint in between fill-up in the paint tray. 
Step 6: Fig.5 and Fig.6 shows were the paint roller has been rolled along the edges of the garage floor near the wall. Some places required the use of a 3-inch-wide paintbrush for around garage furniture.  
Fig.5 first corner edges painted
Fig.6 Edges painted 
to garage front
Step 7: Start at one corner, we started rolling the paint in 6-feet sections and repeat until finished. Fig.7 shows the first third of the garage floor has been rolled. Fig.8 shows Carl is sprinkling by hand the vinyl chips on the floor. Carl tried to use the grass feeder, but it did not work, I guess vinyl chips are not the same as grass seeds. We did use the grass seed container to hold the vinyl chips because of the handle it made it easier to use then if we had the chip in the bag.
Fig.7 First third 
garage painted
Fig.8 Sprinkles 
placed by Carl
Step 8: After the first third was painted we started to paint around the garage cabinets. Fig.9 shows Carl painting around the dryer vent pipes and the cabinet legs. We had to purchase a smaller roller frame with small roller cover and long handle to be able to paint underneath the garage cabinets. Notice in Fig.10 shows the area has been painted.
Fig.9 Painting 
around furniture
Fig.10 painting 
around air vent
Step 9: After painting around the garage cabinets the second third of the garage was started. Fig.11 shows the first square painted. If you have wood post in the garage, use the paint bush to paint around the post. The roller can get close but it can not get as close as a paint brush. Fig.12 shows another angle of the garage floor.
Fig.11 Start 2nd third of garage
Fig.12 Second third done
Step 10: Fig.13 shows the newly painted area, Fig.14 shows a wide angle of the finished garage floor.
Fig.13 Last third painted
Fig.14 Final view of painted garage
Allow the Rust-Oleum coating to cure for 3 to 5 days for best results. Now the job is finished Mr. Phon can enjoy his new garage floor. 

Garage Epoxy:

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