Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Attach Shamrock On Car Grille

Fig.1 Shamrock
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Car hood latch
Electrical wire ties
Shamrock green about 2 x 2 feet
Wire cutters

Mrs. H. wanted her car to be up for the holiday and wanted the St. Patrick clover leaf on her car.

This post shows the six steps to dress your car for St. Patrick's Day.

Step 1: Above right fig.1 shows the shamrock.
Step 2: Below fig.2 shows the electrical wire ties and wire cutters.
Fig.2 Diagonal cutters
Step 3: Fig.3 shows that the automobile hood latch must be pulled to release the hood. This latch was located under the driver's wheel.

Fig.3 Wide scraper
Step 4: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows the wire ties being tied at the two front ends of the clover leaf.
Fig.4 Wire ties
Fig.5 Wrapped
Step 5: Fig.6 and fig.7 shows the wire ties being tied at the two bottom ends of the clover leaf.
Fig.6 Ties
Fig.7 Fender ties
Step 6: Fig.8 shows the final pictures of the clover leaf.
Clover Leaf finished

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