Friday, March 1, 2013

Garage Epoxy - Part 4 of 10 - Dryer External Vent Capped Off

Fig.1 Exterior vent
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Cordless drill driver 12 Volt
Phillips tip
PVC plastic pipe cap, 4-inch 
Sheet metal coarse screws

Mr. Phon hired my repair service to clean up his three car garage. The garage had been invaded by research rats used in scientific journalism. He owned a beautiful home overlooking Azusa Hills, California. In this post my partner Carl will be helping me solve these problems.

This post shows the three steps to capping an extra dryer vent.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the extra vent that the rats came through and left Mr. Phon garage. Fig.2 shows there was an external door, but the door did not have a spring and thus was useless.
Fig.2 Vent with exterior cap
Step 2: Fig.3 and fig.4 shows the hole needed to be covered, a 4-inch PVC plastic pipe cap was installed over the metal exhaust pipe. This item was purchase at The Home Depot ®.
Fig.3 PVC End Cap
Fig.4 Left side screwed 
with 2-inch 
sheetrock screws
Step 3: Now that the cap closes the access door, the cap needed to be secured. Use two sheet metal screws on each side of the cap and the metal exhaust casing. Fig.5 shows one sheetrock screw was placed on each side of the cap. Fig.6 shows Carl working on the exhaust fittings and near him the extra dryer vent that has been capped. Now Mr. Phon can enjoy his three car garage without his rats eating his garage. 
Fig.5 Right side screwed 
to exhaust pipe

Fig.6 Carl Repairing exhaust fine
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