Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Repair Shop Vac Vacuum Quickly

By Gary Boutin
Supplies and Tools:
Electrical tape

Mrs. H. called my repair service to clean her duck pond. One of the tool used to clean the pond is a shop vacuum with the capacity to remove water and debris. The appliance was stored in a outside shed. Upon further inspection the electrical cordage had been chewed on by rodents. 

This post shows the five steps on how to quick fix the electrical cord on a shop vacuum cleaner. 

Step 1: The shop vacuum cleaner was in good shape, except the cordage. Fig.1 shows the electrical wires have been removed by rodent teeth. Upon further inspection I noticed that only the hot conductor was chewed on, and that the common (white) had been unaltered. Because I needed this tool today, a quick fix was done until the cordage could be ordered from the manufacturer.
Fig.1 Damaged cord
Step 2: Fig.2 shows a roll of electrical tape that was used on the appliance cord.
Fig.2 Electrical 
Step 3: Remove the electrical tape from the tool box and start the tape at almost a 45-degree angle. Fig.3 shows the tape is started at an angle.
Fig.3 Tape over damage
Step 4: Now continue threading the tape around the wire until the entire damaged area has been covered. Fig.4 and fig.5 shows the tape is at the end of the first layer.
Fig.4 Applying tape
Fig.5 Electrical tape
Step 5: At least two layer of electrical tape was applied to the area. Now the job is done and the next job is for another post. Fig.6 shows the completed task.

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