Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Install Patio Block Wall Metal Shelf

Fig.1 Electric 
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Brackets (6)
Cement drill bit 1/4 inch thick
Cement wall anchors
Cordless screwdriver  with fresh battery
Electrical drill with power cord
Extension cord 50-feet
Hammer drill  - optional
Measuring tape
Metal shelf (2-six foot shelf)
Permanent marker, or crayon

Mrs. Waterloo had purchase additional metal wire closet shelving for use in her patio area. The shelving came with shelf brackets that snap at the front and need to be mounted into a wood stud or a brick wall.

Below are the six steps to installing this patio metal shelving.

Step 1: Make sure all the parts are available, often when a side project starts its important to check all the parts, specially if the parts are used from another application. 
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the use of a measuring tape to see were each metal shelf brace will line up in the backyard cement wall grout. These shelf braces can be moved anywhere the grout is located so the braces are very adaptable.
Fig.2 Measuring tape

Step 3: This job turned out that all the metal shelf brackets lined up on the grout line, this made the job easier to do. Fig.3 shows the next step is to use a permanent marker, or crayon to mark the area were the metal bracket will be braced against the cement block fence.
Fig.3 Shelf Bracket
Step 4: Fig.4 shows a 50-foot extension electrical cord that will provided electrical power to the electrical drill.

Fig.4 Extension Cord
Step 5:  Once the hole has been marked use a cordless drill with a fresh battery or electrical drill using cement drill bit. If you rent a hammer drill the job will be easier and faster otherwise this is part take time for the drill bit to penetrate deep enough for the insertion of the cement anchor. Fig.5 shows the metal screw being inserted into the pilot hole. Fig.6 shows the final twist of the screw as it is secured within the block wall. The hardest part of this job is to drill the pilot holes inside the block wall. Fig.7 shows a cement drill kit.
Fig.5 Metal bracket 
into metal shelf
Fig.6 Phillip screw 
into cement anchor
Fig.7 Cement
Step 6: For this job six brackets were used for two six foot metal wire shelf. Mrs. Waterloo wanted to place decorative succulents and needed a strong useful shelf. Fig.8 shows the shelves are all ready to use. These metal shelves should not be used for outside use, eventually these shelves will rust and the plastic edges will crack. Mrs. Waterloo knew that before the shelf was placed in her patio area.
Fig.8 Shelf finished

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