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How to Install Commercial Muscle Rack #7224PRBWWD3 Shelving

Fig.1 Box details
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Muscle Rack Boxes Commercial Shelving (2)
Mallet rubber 

Mark Leazer owner of Coastal Boilers located in Azusa, California. He hired me to put commercial shelving in his workshop.

This post show the nine steps to installing a commercial Muscle rack in a storage unit.

Above Fig.1 are the directions for installing rack. Below fig.2 and fig.3 shows the directions are on top of the cardboard box.
Box details
This Product Description information below comes from the Lowe's website: The Muscle rack is made by Edsal. 

Step 1: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows the heavy duty cardboard that housed the Muscle kit and remove all the items from the box. Fig.6 shows the box with the lateral frames, notice how these large items are surrounded by paper.
Fig.4 New box
Fig.5 Open box
Fig.6 Open box
Step 2: Once all the items have been removed, use the packaging information sheet to make sure all the item are there. Fig.7 shows the screws, and shelf pin are all together in one bag. Tear it apart to make sure all the items have been counted.  
Step 3: Fig.8 shows plastic clip used to secure each shelf to the metal frames.
Fig.7 Screws
Fig.8 Plastic clips
Step 4: Fig.9 shows the large slots within the end frame post.
Fig.9 Shelve slot
Step 5: Fig.10 and fig.11 shows an the end frame post completely, take the first one and line it up against the wall, or location where the shelf will rest.
Fig.10 End frame post
Fig.11 Edge
Step 6: Fig.12 through fig.14 shows the beams locked into the end frame post. Now slide in the metal beam end into the slots of the end frame post. It's nice if you have two people, one can hold the end frame post while the other can line up the beam pins. 
Fig.12 Post
Fig.13 Frame
Fig.14 Corner
Step 7: Fig.15
shows the bottom beams and the middle beams are now in place. Now the shelf is holding itself.
Fig.15 Exterior frame
Step 8: Fig.16
and fig.17 are the metal shelves just pick them up and place them in the shelf grooves.
Fig.16 Shelf
Fig.17 Shelf
Step 9:
The last step is to insert the plastic pin to stop the shelf from coming loose. Fig.18 and fig.19 shows the finishing pins being inserted into the shelf pin hole. The completed shelf and prep for another shelf. Job finished, now Mr. Leazer can organized his store room.
Fig.18 Inserting locking pin
Fig.19 Job 

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