Friday, March 29, 2013

Blue Bedroom - Part 7 of 7 - How to Paint White Baseboard

Fig.1 Floor tarp,  
paint tray and rags
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
500 Watt commercial light 
BEHR Premium Plus 1-Gallon - Ultra Pure white semi-gloss 
Electrical cord
Paint brush 2-inches
Paint tarps
Paint tray
Painters tape Blue

My advertisement on the internet's "Craigslist-services offered," advertised my handyman skills. Tyler Zowat, noticed the listing and called me to come to his home in Perris, California.  This time he wanted the baseboards painted in a blue bedroom. 

This post shows the three steps to painting white baseboards in a blue bedroom.

Step 1: First purchase at The Home Depot BEHR Premium Plus 1-Gallon, Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss paint. This is my choice of paint, but any white semi-gloss paint will work for this job. This paint has little or no odor and is the perfect choice for children bedrooms. Above right fig.1 shows the blue room has a grey tarp placed over the rug covering the floor. This will help prevent any possible problems that could occur if the paint is spilled. Its a good practice to apply painters tarp when painting. The electrical cord is to give more room to move around the 500 watt light for the paint job.
Fig.2 Gallon with 
1 1/2 inch brush
Step 2: Fig.3 and fig.4 the edges of the carpeting along the painters tarp have masking tape applied to the floor. Push the masking tape past the rug edges so the bottom of the baseboards so that the bottom edge can be painted.
Fig.3 Tape edges of carpeting
Fig.4 White painters tape
Step 3: Start to paint the baseboard, take your time and try not getting any paint on the wall. Use the blue paint tape on the wall edge, the tape will seal the area just above the baseboards. After the preparation are finished, start painting on one side and continue to the other side of the room. Give the baseboards one good paint coat. Fig. 5 through fig.8 shows the job is finished. This job takes several hours to get it done correctly. Afterwards remove the painters tape, pick up the painters tarps, clean the brushes and paint trays. Now Tyler Zowat has a completed bedroom for his family. Do not forget to hammer down the paint lids so the paint does not dry up in the container.
Fig.5 By closet 
baseboard finished
Fig.6 By hallway 
baseboards painted

Fig.7 By window 
baseboards painted

Blue Bedroom:

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