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Blue Bedroom - Part 5 of 7 - How to Paint a Closet Blue

Painter's hat
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Blue wall paint 
Can opener (for Paint)
Gloves nitrile disposable 
Ladder 4 to 6 feet 
Painting brush 2-inch 
Painting ceiling edger 
Plastic liner 
Paint frame and painting roller
Paint stick (stirring)
Paint tape (2 inch or wider) 
Paint stirrers
Metal paint tray
9-inch roller cover
Tarp for floor

My new ad on the internet's "Craigslist-free services offered," advertised my handyman skills. Tyler Zowat, noticed the listing and called me to come to his home in Perris, California. He had a little girl's room with blue walls and since his daughter had grown up and moved to private school, he wanted the bedroom closet finished. 

This post shows the twelve steps on how to paint a closet with blue paint. 

Step 1: Place a tarp larger than the area that needs to be painted on the floor. 
Step 2: Fig.1 shows the paint can opener to open the blue paint can. These are still free at paint stores and the large warehouse doors. 
Step 3: Fig.2 shows painters tape that needs to be placed on all floor edges.
Fig.1 Paint can opener
Fig.2 Masking blue and white tape
Step 4: Fig.3 shows wood paint stirrers that will mix the blue paint. Make sure the paint is a the same color, no streaking. Wipe of paint off the paint can with a clean rag.
Fig.3 Paint stirrers
Step 5: Fig.4 shows above shows the metal paint tray with the plastic liner. Now Pour the paint into the paint tray. 
Fig.4 Metal paint tray
with plastic liner
Step 6: Roll the paint roller into the paint tray and roll the roller up and down to get an even coat of paint on the roller cover. Fig.5 shows a nine inch roller cover that goes over. Fig.6 the paint frame. Fig.7 shows a paint frame and a three inch roller cover.
Fig.5 - 9-inch roller cover
Fig.6 - 9 inch roller frame
Fig.7 - 3-inch roller
Step 7: Fig.8 shows the paint edger on the right, the plan is to paint all the edges first, this is called cutting.
Fig.8 Paint edger

So cut all the closet sides and the ceiling with the paint by the edger tool. Apply one smooth coat. Fig.9 to fig.10 shows the wall edges have been painted. All that is left is the center of each wall.
Fig.9 Inside closet middle
Fig.10 Inside close left wall
Step 8: It takes some time for the edger to get to all the areas of the ceiling. Fig.12 shows a paint brush to wipe down any drip.
Fig.11 Inside closet right side
Fig.12: 2-inch paintbrush
Step 9: After all the closet edges have been painted use the roller and apply paint to the walls evenly.  Do one long strip at a time. Pick a side start right or start left and pick and end point. Usually start at the top of the wall and roll down evenly with the roller to the bottom of the wall. It may take two coats of paint on the walls to apply the paint evenly. 
Step 10: Now repeat the process over and over until the wall is painted, for a closet its more work because usually a closet has a shelf. So a ladder is needed to reach across the shelf and reach the edges of the ceiling. Use a six-foot ladder and the height is perfect for this job. So there is a top and a bottom to the wall. To get to the bottom of the wall use a paint brush to add paint to the baseboards. Paint tape should have been added to prevent paint from getting on the floor. Do not forget to paint the shelf and the underneath the shelf to, and any wood that may be connected to the shelf. 
Step 11: When the interior of the closet is painted the outside of the closet needs to be painted too.  Usually it is a 3 inch piece of metal trim that needs to match the walls. Fig.13 and fig.14 shows how the paint edger is being used to cover the top metal part of the closet.
Fig.13 Outside metal closet edging
Fig.14 Different vies outside closet
Step 12: The closet has been completed and it matches the bedroom walls.  It will never match completely because of the UV light coming from the windows. UV rays will fade the paint and thus change the color. Now Tyler Zowat can enjoy his new bedroom and change the room into a guest room.
Fig.15: Closet left side 
no door with pole
Blue Bedroom:

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