Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to Clean Window Screens

Fig.1 Screens
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Car soap
Dish soap
Dry towels (for screens and for window polishing)
Sponge with warm water (nice on your hands)
Water from a hose bib with water hose connected
Water pail 
Window cleaner 
Window screens preferable dirty 
Screen frame clip (top of window)

This is your first home, and has a new hone owner, you have never washed a window screen. If you have not done this then this is the post for you, if you have then it just fun reading. Now remember this is one way of doing this work.

In this post there are fifteen steps on how to clean and dry the window screens, also address is how to clean and wash a glass window door. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the remove your screens from your windows. 
Step 2: Open the window and pull the black rubber pulls on the inside of the screen. These pulls will give just enough space to pull the screen away from the window frame. 
Step 3: Locate on your property the water hose bib, and if not connected add the water hose to the hose bib. Fig.2 shows the water hose is connected to the water hose bib.
Fig.2 Hose bib
Step 4: Fig.3 shows the water sprayed on the window screen. This will start to remove the dirt off the dirty screens and the window frames.
Step 5: Pick up a water pail and fill it with warm water and dish soap. 
Step 6: Fig.4 shows soap held in a spray container. Now take the rag and wash the sides of the screen.
Fig.3 Washing screens with water
Fig.4 Spray soap
Step 7: Fig.5 shows a sponge or clean rag and dip the rag into the clean soapy pail.
Step 8: Fig.6 shows how the screen is near my feet. Wash the screen and the metal frame to remove the dirt, and wash both sides.
Fig.5 Clean towel to dry screen
Fig.6 Top of screen
Step 9: After the both sides are clean, take a dry towel and dry both sides of the window screen. 
Step 10: Fig.7 shows that the screen indentation, pick up the screen and place it in the window frame. Remember the rubber tips inside the screen do on the inside of the window, not the outside. You will need to pull on these again to pull the screen inside the window frame.
Step 11: Fig.8 shows the window cleaner being applied directly on the window.
Fig.7 Spray plastic frame
Fig.8 Apply soap to windows
Step 12: Dry with towel to remove dirt, and bugs. 
Step 13: Fig.9 shows a dry with clean towel and polish the window itself.
Fig.9 Dry with clean towel
Step 14: Fig 10 shows the window is now polished.
Step 15: Fig.11 shows the pouring of the new windows cleaner into the spray bottle for the next cleaning job. Now you have learned one way to wash window screens and wash one door windows. Have fun and enjoy your clean window screens.
Fig.10 Clean the window
Fig.11 Window cleaner

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