Friday, January 4, 2013

Closet Door Knob Installed

Fig.1 The missing knob
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Phillips screwdriver
Tape measure
Door template (provided)

Our closet door are in good shape, they close and stay close but for the Lewis clan their door would not stay closed. This post shows a simple solution to this problem.

This post shows the five steps on how to replace a simple closet door knob.

Step 1: Closet door knobs are not drilled out like a regular door knob. The closet knob are also called a single dummy, because the knob has no moving parts and this knob requires very little maintenance.

Note: Do not forget to use a tape measure to measure your door, some knob kits only take specific door measurements, for example 1-3/8 to 1-3/4-inch thick doors.

Step 2: Purchase a closet handle kit at any hardware store. You can find many different types, for example some are gold, satin, chrome, decorated exterior. Some have a ball handle, or lever handles and come in many metal colors and styles. The one below is a flat top gold handle and the most common type of handles available. The kit comes with one single handle, a back plate were the one pair of gold wood screws hold the plate to the door, and a pressure kit for the door jamb. 
Step 3: Remove the handle and its parts from the packaging.  If the door had a previous door knob use the same screw holes, if not use the template located at the back of the door knob packaging. Fig.1 shows the door knob template is included in the closet package, use it and apply it to the door, it will guide were the door knob screws need to be aligned and leave enough room for fingers to open the door, the template will also guide the knob just away from the door edge.
Step 4: Attach the back plate to the door, using a Phillips screwdriver fig.2 and fig.3.
Fig.2 Handle
Fig.3 Screws finished
Step 5: Once the handle is attached fig.4 to the door the next step is to attach the door frame hardware. Now insert the frame hardware that allows the door to cinch against the door frame to keep it closed which prevents the door from opening. The hardware is usually placed parallel to the door handle. The hardware will take two screws that apply pressure against the door edge. Use the same Phillips screwdriver to drive the two screws into the door frame. Test the door by opening and closing the door and adjust the frame catch.
Fig.4 Job done

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