Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Apply Caulking to Patio Bricks Quickfix

Caulking Gun
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Caulking gun
Metal scraper flat
Mortar tube
Soaked sponge

Mr. Holudu was preparing for a party, when his guest ran into his brick wall. It was a small job, just 3 bricks needed to be grouted and placed back in shape.

This post shows the eight steps needed to repair these damages.

Step 1: Look at the damage and get the necessary parts.
Step 2: Fig.1 shows the tools for the job. Check out How Do You Open Caulking Tubes, to learn how to open and use caulking tubes.
Fig.1 Mortar tools
Step 3: Fig.2 shows how the bricks were placed in their original round position and held together by the mortar. The mortar was delivered in a tube, a caulking gun was used to dispense the mortar.
Fig.2 Mortar tube
Step 4: A flat scraper was used to keep the mortar even with the bricks.
Step 5: A water soaked sponge was used to remove the mortar from the bricks.
Step 6: Fig.3 shows a finger was used to place the mortar in the small crevices where the metal scraper could not reach.
Fig.3 Human finger
Step 7: Now the job is done, Mr. Holudu was ready to have a great time with his friends and the damages have been repaired.

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