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Garage Epoxy - Part 1 of 10 - Garage Rat Invasion Repair

Fig.1 Tools required
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Cordless drill driver 12 volt and 18 volt
Brooms floor soft and hard bristle
Dust masks (purchase a package)
Paint brush 2-inch
Paint frame extender 6-feet
Paint frame 9-inch
Paint tray plastic
Paint roller cover
Paint tarps
Phillips tip
Sheet rock coarse screws
Semi-gloss white paint 5 gallons
Tarp blue 12 by 12 feet

Rue Phon hired my repair service to clean up his three-car garage.It had been invaded by domesticated research rats used in scientific photography. He owned a beautiful home overlooking Azusa Hills, California. In this post my partner Carl will be helping me solve and work out the details of the job. 

This post shows the sixteen steps of removing and replacing the garage cabinets, vacuuming the garage walls, cleaning and painting the walls and cabinets and restoring order to the garage.

Step 1: Above right fig.1 shows on a blue tarp the tools needed to repair these damages.
Note: No harm was done to the domesticated rats, because they were moved to a pet center for adoption. 
Step 2: Fig 2 shows Carl starting to remove the cabinets from the garage side wall.
Fig.2 Carl removing 
the upper cabinets
Step 3: Fig.3 shows Carl removing the electrical lights from the cabinets.
Fig.3 Carl removing 
the lower cabinets
Step 4: Fig.4 shows Carl is removing the shelves from all the cabinets.

Fig.4 Carl removing the shelves
Step 5: Fig.5 shows the 12 volt (green) and the 18 volt (black) cordless drills used for this job.
Fig.5 Ryobi Cordless
Step 6: Fig.6 shows Carl starting to remove the cabinets from the garage wall.
Fig.6 Carl
Step 7: Now that the upper and middle cabinets have been removed, next the floor cabinets must be removed. Fig.7 shows them being removed from the wall by Carl. After they were removed, they needed to be moved to a safe location in the garage.
Fig.7 Upper 
cabinets removed
Step 8: Fig.8 shows Carl moving the cabinets to safety, other side of the garage to be cleaned and prevent them from being painted.
Fig.8 Moving 
Step 9: Fig.9, fig.10 and fig.11 shows the walls, floors and garage edges being vacuumed of dirt, cobwebs and Rattus norvegicus droppings. Remember to wear a dust mask. There are many illnesses carried in rat dropping.
Fig.9 Vacuum
Fig.10 Vacuum
Fig.11 Vacuum
Step 10: Fig.12 shows Carl has removed all the cabinets from the wall.
Fig.12 All cabinets removed
Step 11: Fig.13 shows the tarp to protect the floor, paint for the wall and painting equipment.
Fig.13 Tarp the floor
Step 12: Fig.14 shows the garage wall being painted. This step takes a few hours to complete, using the paint frame, paint roller cover and the semi-gloss paint to paint all four walls in the garage. Including the cabinet wood supports and the pegboard was painted to remove the odor.
Fig.14 Tools
Step 13: Fig.15 and fig.16 shows the handyman rolling the white semi-gloss paint on the garage walls.
Fig.15 Priming the wall
Fig.16 Handyman 
primed the walls
Step 14: Fig.17 shows the walls are all painted and the odor is gone forever.
Fig.17 White primer drying
Step 15: Fig.18 shows the cleaned cabinets being placed back on the garage wall.
Fig.18 Replacing cabinets
Step 16: Fig.19 shows the completed task. The garage walls have been repainted and the domesticated rats damage had been resolved. Now Mr. Phon has the first part of the job done.

Fig.19 Cabinets re-attached 
to garage wall

Garage Epoxy:

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