Saturday, September 3, 2016

Peep Hole - Part 2 of 6 - The Tools

Fig.1 Crescent Wrench
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Hole Saw Kit
Fig.2 Open/closed-End Wrench
Needlenose pliers
Screwdriver (flat tipped)
Vice Grips® pliers

Mrs. Black wanted a better security peep hole on her front door. These post shows the tools process. 

This post shows seven steps on what tools needed for this job.

Step 1: Fig.3 shows below are the tools needed for the job. The list is on the upper left of this posts. Ideally an open end wrench is better than needlenose  pliers to secure the nut.  The ruler and the hole saw kit is to make sure that the size of 1-3/4 hole saw is used for the opening of the new large hole.
Fig.3 Ruler and Hole Saw
Step 2: Fig.4 shows the tools below are Vice Grips®, and Needlenose pliers. It would have been better if a Crescent Wrench with open/closed-end wrench that way there is no slippage. But those tools were in another tool box away from the work site.

Fig.4 Tools to secure hole saw
Step 3: Fig.5 shows any Hole Saw Kit will work, it does not have to be a name brand. But if that is what you have in your tool chest, use it. Fig.6 shows a 1-3/4 inch saw hole saw assembled and ready to cut the door hole.

Fig.5 Hole Saw Kit
Fig.6 Hole 1-3/4 inch saw
Step 4: Fig.7 shows the wrong tools are used to secure the hole saw to the base. The next post is the new peep hole called Giant Screen. At the top of the post on the right side shows fig.1 crescent wrench and fig.2 shows open end wrench. Those are the correct tools to secure this hole saw.

Step 5: Fig.8 are the Prime-Line drilling directions for U 9917 Giant Screen Viewer:
Fig.8 Prime-Line Drilling Directions

Step 6: Drills: Fig.9 is the pilot hole if the door does not have an existing peep hole. Fig.10 - 3/16 for the pilot hole that the hole saw drill bit will be used in combination with this hole.
Fig.9 - 3/32 Wood Drill for a new hole
Fig.10 - 3/16 Wood Drill
Step 7: Fig.11 shows caulking is not necessary, but if the home is in an area that rains then purchase clear silicone.
Fig.11 Caulking the sides

Peep Hole Series Below:

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