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How to Change a 2014 Toyota Camry Engine Air Filter

O’Reilly carries MicroGuard MGA49223 Air Filter
Fig.1 MicroGard™  Air Filter
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
MicroGard™  Engine Air Filter MGA49223

It had been 22-thousand miles and somehow the air filter had not been changed. The Toyota Dealership wanted $65 for replacement and installation of a simple air filter including an hour of time to schedule it. Fig.1 shows a 1968 Dodge Dart round air filter that was so easy to replace. Just spin the air cover nut, remove the chrome metal cover and install the round filter. Today's cars are full of electronics and fuel injections that it seems to be impossible to do the simple auto maintenance. This post address those issues and it shows that it can still be simple to do the simple maintenance chores for our technological automobiles.  

This post shows the fourteen steps on the process of replacing an Engine Auto Filter on a 2014 Toyota Camry 2.5L 4-cyl. 6-speed Automatic sedan. 

Step 1: Obtain an air filter. This one was obtained from O’Reilly Auto Parts. Fig.2 shows the O'Reilly Auto Parts carries MicroGuard™ MGA49223 air filter which are rectangular and not round.
O’Reilly Auto Parts MGA49223
Fig.2 O’Reilly™  Auto Parts
Step 2: Fig.3 shows the O'Reilly Auto Parts store receipt that shows the discount price of $13.99.

Fig.3 Filter Prices

Step 3: Fig.4 shows the top view of the rectangular air filter just out of the box.
This is a pre-fit filter with one square end and one round end.
Fig.4 Top view and Date
Tip: Place the date on one of the corners of the air filter, then in 6-months you will know when to replace it.

Step 4: Fig.5 shows the opening of the hood. Enter the automobile and on the left side of the steering wheel find this lever. Fig.6 shows the lever, now pull it with your fingers.

To open this hood, look  for the pull out tab on the left side of the steering wheel
Fig.5 Left side
To open the hood pull gently
Fig.6 Pull the lever
Step 5: Go to the front of the automobile, find the lever in the middle of the hood. This lever allows the hood to be unlocked for a few inches. Move your finger to find the safety latch, push it and the hood will move upwards.  
Step 6: Fig.7 shows the hood is open and standing up because of its two hood shocks.

The engine hood is held up by two long thin black shocks
Fig.7 Hood is open
Step 7: Fig.8 the white arrow points to the air filter cover. This filter cover is made of black plastic and has two metal clips to unlock it.
This black cover house the air filter
Fig.8 Air filter cover
Step 8: Fig.9 and fig.10 shows the metal clip to unlock the cover. It is much easier to unlock then to lock it than to lock it.
The arrow points at the first clip to undo
Fig.9 First clip
The arrow point at the second metal clip
Fig.10 Second Clip
Step 9: Fig.11 shows the old filter with a large amount of flies, wood chips, dirt and dust. Plus one large clump of dryer lint.
This filter was so dirty it had a huge clump of lint on the filter
Fig.11 Large Dryer lint and dust

Step 10: Fig.12 shows the new air filter has seated into the air filter assembly. This filter has one round corner and one square corner to make sure the air flow is correct.
The new filter has been placed in its area
Fig.12 Seated Air Filter
Step 11: Fig.13 shows both arrows, these are the two hinges for the air cover. These two pins must be pushed in.

Both of these tabs need to be fully placed into the slots
Fig.13 Both pins must be pushed in
Step 12: Fig.14 shows this is the first clamp just pull it forward.

This is the first clamp to close
Fig.14 First clamp
Step 13: Fig.15 shows the white arrow points to the second clamp and pull forward.
Push at the bottom of the last clamp to push it back on
Fig.15 Second clamp
Step 14: Fig.16 shows the job is finished, the arrow point to the air filter that is correctly placed.
The air filter black plastic cover replaced
Fig.16 Job done
Step 15: The Toyota Camry Air Filter is not as easy as the Dodge Dart. Instead of one nut it took two simple clamps to unclip to remove the plastic cover and replace the air filter. This job took less than five minutes to do, and this included the time taking pictures for this blog. The cost of the filter was $13.99 and the installation price was $51.01 in savings. Future post will include cabin air filter change and directions and other fun automobile chores we do everyday.

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