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Why We Use Coffee K-Cups Pods

Fig.1 5-lb coffee
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Creamy Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee
Keurig™ K55 Single-Serve Coffee Maker
Ground Coffee
Poly Flow K-cups 

K-cups are all the rage if your talking about individual size serving. This post shows what we used to drink and what we drink now and why.

This post shows the four steps to show the difference between drip coffee and Keurig™ K55 Single-Serve Coffee Maker using K-cup. 

Step 1: Fig.1 through fig.3 shows that this creamy Hawaiian hazelnut coffee that we used to drink everyday. We purchased it at Sam's Club and it made our day. We used to brew a 12-cup (2.838 liters) carafe every morning until we received a Keurig™ K55 has a gift from our family. Fig.2 and fig.3 shows our coffee of choice and we used a cup of ground coffee per day.
Fig.2 Ground coffee

Fig.3 Measured

Step 2: Fig.4 shows a reusable Eco-Fill™ K-cups which is BPA free. Fig.5 shows that this K-cup uses a poly-flow technology. You must decided if its worth your warranty. If you read your manual you will find that Keurig K55 Single-Serve Coffee Maker state that only approve K-cups but Keurig™ also sell its own filter than your warranty would be covered. Fig.6 shows an 1/8 cup of grounds per cup to be used. Fig.7 are the reusable K-cups with your own coffee. They come in brown for regular coffee and green for caffeine free.
Eco-Fill™ K-cups
Fig.5 Eco-Fill™ Directions
Fig.6 - 2 teaspoons
= 10 grams
Fig.7 Brown and green
Step 3: Fig.8 through fig.10 shows the process of filling the coffee Eco-Fill™ K-cups. Fig.11 show that the Eco-fill™ package contains two regular and two caffeinated K-cups.
Fig.11 All
Eco-Fill™ K-cups
Filled with Regular Ground coffee

Step 4: Brewing. Fig.12 through fig.15 shows each serving of coffee pods fill one cup with delicious coffee.
Keurig™ K55
Fig.13 K-cup pods
Fig.14 Starbucks™ Coffee cup
Fig.15 Delicious coffee
Step 4: Now why we changed. We enjoy our coffee pods, we use less coffee and make less of a mess. We started purchasing our creamy hazelnut coffee at Sam's Club. Eventually Sam's Club stopped carrying our brand, so now we purchase it from the Internet. We pay about 34-cents per cup and for us this fits our budget. 

Our Math: We used to purchase Copper Moon World Coffees, Hawaiian Hazelnut (2.5 lb. = 1.134 kg) $15.00 which made over 21 pots of coffee.
  • 2.5 lbs of coffee =  40 oz = 205 cups / 12 cup carafe = 17.1 pots of coffee. Our coffee lasted 3-weeks. So we made it weaker than this table states.
  • Each approved Keurig K-Cup Pods = 2 teaspoon = 10 grams for a 6 to 8 oz of brewed coffee. 
  • Regular grocery ground coffee costs about 5-cents per cup and paying 0.35 cents Gaza Trail™ Creamy Hazelnut coffee K-cup pods.
  • So maybe we are paying 30 cents more for our special brew of coffee, but for us it is worth it.
  • Each brand of K-cup have different quantity of coffee. You have to decide what your budget is to determine if you have to drink 5 cent coffee or spoil yourself and spend 35 cent coffee.

Fig.16 shows Gaza Trail™ Creamy Hazelnut coffee K-cup pods is what we both drink now for our daily coffee. It is a treat everyday.
Gaza Trail™
Caza Trail Coffee, Creamy Hazelnut 
  • Single serve cups compatible with Keurig 1.0 K-Cup Brewers 2-teaspoon, each box has 100 serving.
  • From Latin America
  • Creamy, nutty flavored light roast with a delicate body, mild acidity and sweet aroma
  • Kosher certified

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