Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to Clean a Kitchen Trash Can

This is an ordinary black kitchen trash can
Fig.1 Trashcan
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
ARMOR ALL Protection
Dirty trashcan
Sink with water
Sponge with green scrubber

Most of my post are about cleaning items in the kitchen and around my home. We spend most of our lives cooking for our families. This post is about cleaning a simple kitchen trash can. Many people have a dirty trash can and they just throw it out in the trash. Normal kitchen trash cans cost around $5 and maybe that is the reason why so many usable items are in the landfills. 

This post shows the five steps for cleaning an ordinary kitchen trash can.

Step 1: Fig.1 show the kitchen trash can being cleaned. This was done using a large laundry sink with soap and a sponge. Fig.2 shows the trash can is being cleaned first on the inside.
To clean the trash can use a landry sink with soap and water
Fig.2 Inside cleaning
Step 2: Fig.3 through fig.5 shows that even though the trash can is clean the shine is gone from its side. Though the trash can is clean it is also dull. A clean white bag will go over its edges and not one will ever know there a dull trash can there.
This trash can is clean but the finish is dull
Fig.3 Dull
This trash can has a little shine from the drying the can
Fig.4 Dull shine
This trash can is ready for service
Fig.5 Clean but dull
Step 3: The main reason for cleaning the trash can is to remove dirt and grime. Fig.5 shows the ARMOR ALL Protection that will give the trash can a fighting chance against grime. It provides a protective coat that will repel the grim but will also prevent cracking, fading and discoloration. This will add years of wear and tear to a kitchen trash can. ARMOR ALL also "revitalize vinyl, rubber and plastic parts." #1
Armor All was used and it polished this trash can
Step 4: Fig.6 through fig.8 shows the trash can sides have a polished sided. This job is done and the trash can has a better chance against dirt and grim than a others going to the landfills.
Apply the Armor All to the trash can using a clean polish towel
Fig.6 Apply ARMOR ALL 
The polish helped this can because it shine on all sides
This trash can is ready armed with a coat of Armor All agaist dirt and grime

#1 All the information for this post was obtain from Armor All Protection web site.

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