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How to Repair a Cooling Fan - Part 1 of 3 - Opening the Case

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By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supply:
Flat tipped screwdriver
Needlenose pliers

We purchase two ThreeLeaf T102 - Laptop Cooling Pad with (Dual 6" Internal Copper-fans @ 1200 rpm each, Ultra Thin 1.5" Pad) retail price $39.99 each and Amazon,com Internet price was $12.99 each.

This post shows the three steps which on the process to repair the back up switch for the fireplace.

Step 1: Below is the product description, and technical details that might help you decide your cooling fan basic needs.

Size 12"-15.6"[2 fans] | Color: BLACK

The Bujian, based in Shenzhen of China has over 4 years of experience specialized in Laptop cooling pads.

T102 Cooling pad is the best way to keep 11-15.6"laptop cool and free from overheating.

Bujian T102 Blue lights Cool Pad
Inner fan 2-Copper coil and two fans
Fan size 5.6"" x 5.6"" each
Speed 1200-Revolution per minute (RPM) each fan
Output air 74 C.R.M.
USB line 3-millimeter line
Noise 21-decibels (dBA)
Stand Adjustable stand, ergonomic 15 degree legs, plastic only with metal screen on top, weight 1/3 pound.
30-days return policy Life time maintenance for product defects and 30 day no hassle return and refund for incompatibility.
Wholesale Packing Inner bubble bag inside Kraft box.

Technical Details ThreeLeaf
Item model number T102BLACK-US
Product Dimensions 14.8 x 10.4 x 1.4 inches
 L x W x H 14.76 x 10.43 x 1.38 inches
 Color Black
 Foot pads 4-Shockproof Rubber pads

Step 2: You might think armed with this information above that you might understand what the unit could do. That would also include the 30-day return policy which was lost to me as the device was not working.
Step 3: Fig.1 shows the fan has four metal tabs and only one tab is shown below. There are four tabs on each side of the device. Fig.2 shows a flat screwdriver is the best method of releasing each of these. There are 8-metal tabs that have to be pushed back to remove the top metal grilled layer. The next post will show what wire needs to be placed on each wire nut and then checked to see if the repairs worked.

Tip: If you have these ThreeLeaf Cooling Fan and its under 30 days call the manufacturer and return the cooling fan.
Fig.1 Metal Tabs
Fig.2 Flat tipped screwdriver
How to Repair a Cooling Fan:

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