Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to Repair a Cooling Fan - Part 2 of 3 - Connecting and Securing the Wires

By Gary Boutin
ThreeLeaf Logo
ThreeLeaf Logo

Tools and Supply:
Clear Silicone 
Needlenose pliers
USB (Universal Serial Bus) port
Wire Nuts
Wire stripper

We purchase 2- ThreeLeaf T102 - Laptop Cooling Pad for $12.99 each. Shipping was not included. It seemed a good deal but the fans were not well made. Still this post shows how to repair this type of cooling fan. 

This post shows the five steps to remove the front panel to repair the loose wiring.

Step 1: Fig.1 above is the ThreeLeaf Logo. Fig.2 and fig.3 shows the first tab upside down. The tab is opposite from the shock rubber pad. There are three more metal tabs that need to be flatten. Now turn it back upright and move the next four tabs flat to remove the top grille layer.

These tabs hold the cooling fan together
Fig.2 Bottom metal tab
Flatten the metal tab to release it from it plastic case
Fig.3 Middle metal tab
Step 2: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows the grill is slowly being removed from the plastic case. Be aware that entering the plastic case will void your TreeLeaf Guarantee.

Looking inside the case
Fig.4 Opening the case
Fig.5 Void the guarantee
Step 3: Fig.6 shows the power cables from the laptop USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. The approximately current is 5.6 volts so be careful. One fan uses the red cable and the other fan uses the black cable. 

Fig.6 Red and 
Black power cables
Step 4: Fig.6 shows above the wiring is 24 gauge. Fig.7 shows the smallest size on this wire stripper is 20 A.W.G. or (American Wire Gauge) or .80 millimeters. Fig.8 show the black power lead was removed with the wire stripper. Fig.9 shows a white arrow that faces the two wires from the right side of the cooling fan with the plastic case but facing forward. The red wire powers the left fan side.
Fig.7 Wire stripper
Fig.8 Fan wiring

Fig.9 Fan wiring

Step 5: Now check to see if the power from your laptop will power up both TreeLeaf fans. Fig.10 shows that orange wire nuts which are rated at 18 A.W.G. gauge. Fig.11 shows the TreeLeaf Cooling Fan is working off the USB port from an HP Laptop. Make sure the fan is pushing air upwards, if not reverse the black with the red, and the red with the blacks leads and this will reverse the fan motors. Now the air should blow upwards. The next post shows how to put the cooling fan together.
Fig.10 A.W.G. 18 gauge
Fig.11 Cooling fan working
How to Repair a Cooling Fan:

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