Sunday, September 4, 2016

Peep Hole - Part 5 of 6 - Installing

Fig.1 Giant Screen Viewer
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
U 9917 Giant Screen Viewer

Mrs. Black wanted a Giant Screen Viewer peep hole on her front door to be able to see people at her door.

This post shows the three steps that shows the installation of the U 9917 Giant Screen Viewer unit. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the internal part of the U 9917 Giant Screen Viewer taken apart. Below fig.2 shows to install the interior piece with the threads and place into the hole in the door. It is a tight fit, which is the perfect fit for this viewer. The Fig.3 shows the threading the piece in the hole. Fig.4 shows the piece inside the door.

Fig.2 Put tip in the door
Fig.3 Thread into the door
Fig.4 Outside look
Step 2: Fig.5 shows the unit inside the interior piece. There should be a small gap between the front exterior door and the exterior prism assembly. Fig.6 shows the U 9917 Giant Screen Viewer should be level with the floor or front door step. The U 9917 Giant Screen Viewer was deliberately positioned crooked or to the left, right if you face the door. Fig.7 shows the prism picture is not straight. 

Fig.5 Prism piece added to internal lens
Fig.6 Deliberately crooked
Fig.7 Picture not straight
Step 3: Fig.8 shows the exterior of the door. The view screen is completely alignment correctly. Fig.9 shows an inside side view of the lens. Fig.10 and fig.11 shows the correct alignment of the viewer showing a large picture of the outside. The next post will address the white color on the green door.

Fig.8 Alignment correct
Fig.9 Inside side view
Fig.10 Large view of inside picture
Fig.11 Viewer in correct location

Peep Hole Series Below:

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