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How to Solve the Ninja Cooling Fan Power Cord Problem

This is the Ninja laptop cooling fan
Fig.1 Ninja Cooling Fan
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Radio Shack Adaptaplug M
Radio Shack AC-to-DC Power Adapter 5voc to 3.5A 

The Ninja Cooling Fan works very well. The body is an all aluminum and has two cooling fans that provide enough air to cool down this laptop. The one problem is with powered by USB (Universal Serial Bus) via provided T-adapter cord. The T-adapter breaks during constant use. The T-adapter can be purchased for $7 but if it keep breaking than this is not a solution. Once the T-adapter can be ordered but it comes from China. The solution is to plug the power cord directly from the back of the cooling fan and not use a USB port. 

In this post another alternative use of the power outlet adapter instead of the USB T-adapter port plug. 

This post shows the four steps to power the laptop using an Radio Shack AC-to-DC Power Adapter and an Adaptaplug-M.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the Ninja cooling fan. Fig.2 shows RadioShack AC-to-DC Power Adapter 5voc to 3.5A Power Adapter. This is the alternative power supply to the T-adapter cord. Fig.3 shows the base of the adapter with the cord wrapped around it body. 
This is the solution the RadioShack power adapter
Fig.2 Adapter 
$32 US Tax included

The body house the cord that supplies the power to the cooling fan
Fig.3 Body 
with USB port
 Step 2: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows shows the adapter outlet plug can be folded away for travel. 

Fold up to use
Fig.4 Flip down
Fig.5 Flip up

Step 3: Adapter Specification: 
RadioShack 5V 3.6A AC Adapter with 1 USB (Black) Catalog #: 2730928

This adapter can provide 3.6A total power:
  • Cable output - max. 1.5A
  • USB output - max. 2.1A
  • Aggregate - max. 3.6A
Product Specifications:
  • Input: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 5+/-0.3V 3.6A
  • Cable spec.: UL1185 straight cable/ OD3.5mm/American wire gauge (AWG). #18/ 6ft/ Black
  • Green Power LED
  • With input over current protection/ output over current protection/ output short circuit protection
  • In case of overload: LED will flicker to signify overloading & unit will stop charging end devices until at least one of the devices is being unplugged. 
Plug size: Adaptaplug M conversion size: O.D.: 5.5mm, I.D.: 2.1mm.
Parts Warranty: 90 Days

Step 4: Fig.6 show the Radio Shack Adaptaplug M. Fig.7 shows what the plug looks like. Fig.8 shows what the Adaptaplug M plugs into the end plug of the AC Adapter. Fig.9 show how the Adaptaplug M plugs two prongs plugs into the AC adapter. Now push it in all the way. The chrome ends plugs into the laptop.
This free plug comes withe the power adapter
Adaptaplug M
The body is white with two prongs on one end and chrome on the other
Fig.7 White plug
This is the power adapter plug
Fig.8 Charger side
Pusht the adapter down into  the cord
Fig.9 Push in

Step 3: Fig.10 show the back of the Laptop cooler. Fig.11 shows the two DC fans with no power. Fig.12 shows the ac adapter plug into the wall socket and the laptop. Now the fan is working. Fig.13 shows the top of the cooling fan.

Power from the laptop is provided by the adapter
Fig.10 Laptop power plug
This picture shows no power the fans are not turning
Fig.11 Two fan
The cooling fan is pluged into the wall
Fig.12 Power on
Now the Ninja fan can be powered without using the T adaptert
Fig.13 Laptop side
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