Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Get Fireplace Key

Fig.1 Wall gas control
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Fireplace Key
Local fireplace shop

Mrs. Black wanted to visit Universal Studios and Griffith Observatory, so she rented a home in North Hollywood, California near the Red Subway Line. While in her home she noticed that the fireplace did not have a gas key. She went to the national hardware stores for the key, she found some, but none would fit the square patters needed to turn on the gas. She called my service company to solve this problem.

This post shows the thee steps needed to get the correct fireplace key.

Step 1: Measure the diameter of the gas valve, take a picture if you are not sure. Fig.1 shows the gas control for the fireplace.   
Step 2: Look on the Internet for the key, put in the search engine "fireplace key" there are many different kinds of fireplace keys. Once you get a listing look for a local fireplace shop, call them and ask if they carry fireplace keys. 
Step 3: Stop by the local store in your area. The store we called was very friendly and informative. They said bring the picture and they would have the key. Fig.2 and fig.3 shows the new fireplace key and its was purchased in Affordable Chimney Sweep.
Fig.2 Fireplace 
key standing up
Fig.3 Fireplace key 
laying down

Now Mrs. Black can enjoy her fireplace with her new key in her rental home.

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