Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Repair Dragging Lateral Blinds

Fig.1 Dragging blinds
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Fine tip marker 
Torpedo level  
Wood paint stick

A local private school called me to repair their classroom blinds.

This post shows the seven steps to correcting this lateral blind. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows a white plastic lateral blind that was dragging on the bottom of the window sill and this prevented the blind from closing. Some vertical louvers were dragging on the window sill. 
Step 2: Fig.2 shows that some of the louver had some high point and low point, each louver was not cut straight.
Fig.2 bottom hit window sill
Step 3: Fig.3 shows what the louver should look like. The bottom of the louver should be straight across the window sill. First take a torpedo level and check to see if the window sill is leveled. 
Step 4: Next take the painting stick and lay it flat against one edge of the louver. Use fine tip marker (black) to draw a straight line across the bottom edge of the blind.
Fig.3 What to cut
Step 5: Fig.4 shows the scissors used to cut the louvers. Now use industrial or strong scissors to cut on the line and make each louver straight. This is time consuming but it will solve the problem.
Fig.4: Strong scissors

Step 6: Fig.5 shows the scissors cutting the bottom of the louver.
Fig.5 Scissors cut each blind
Step 7: Fig.6 shows the blinds are not binding, they easily open and close. Now the school can return to work knowing that their blinds can close correctly.
Fig.6 Job Finished

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