Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to Sand and Paint Second Floor White French Door

By Gary Boutin
Painters cap

Supplies and Tools:
BEHR® Premium Plus Ultra Ultra Pure White
BEHR® primer paint
Blue paint tape
Paint brush 2-inch
Paint tray
Paint scraper
Sandpaper 120-grit

Dr. Jeorge Valvus called me from an advertisement from a Bing advertisement campaign. Dr. Valvus home is under 30-year but he had not kept on the maintenance for his home. Today job was to re-paint his second floor patio door frame. The door needed re-painting but the frame needed complete re-scraping, priming and painting.

This post shows the five steps to repainting the patio french door.

Step 1: Look at the door damage, the door needed re-painted only, the exterior door jamb were in bad shape and will need scraping. Fig.1 shows the application of the blue tape around the perimeter of the door.

Fig.1 French 
balcony doors
Step 2: Fig.2 through fig.4 shows both sides of the door jamb that needed scraping. 
Fig.2 Scraping
 the paint
Fig.3 More paint
Fig.4 Blue 
painter's tape
Step 3: Fig.5 shows that after a good scraping, the next step is to apply white latex primer to the door jamb. After the primer has been applied, paint two coats of white semi gloss paint on the door frame.
Fig.5 Trim painted
Step 4: Fig.6 shows that after the french door were painted the stucco needed to be touched up on all sides. Fig.7 shows the door frame is repaired.
Stucco painted
Trim painted
Step 5: Fig.8
shows the door and the frame are finished. Now Dr. Valvus can enjoy his bedroom patio door.
Fig.8 Job if finished

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