Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Replace Toilet Fill Tube with a Clear Hose Replacement

Fig.1 Clear tubing
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Fluidmaster® Refill Tube Assembly - optional
Phillips screwdriver 
Refill tube: Neoprene clear tubing (fig.1)
Standard scissors

Willie is a postal employee that travels 360 days a year, and has little time to work on his century studio cottage in downtown Chino, California. Willie called my repair service to solve a his toilet leaking all over the floor.

This post show the nine steps for a quick fix to repair this toilet water feed problem.

Step 1: Look at the toilet bowl. Find the problem!
Step 2: Fig.1 shows the clear tubing that will replace the damage tubing inside the toilet bowl. 
Step 3: Fig.2 shows the red cap is the toilet fill valve. Inside the bowl is a white tiny rubber line coming from the toilet valve to the white overflow tube. Remove this tube from the toilet. The fill tube had a hole in the middle of it and the water was leaking out of the tube spraying against the top of the toilet bowl cover and leaking on the floor. This is a low cost fix.
Fig.2 Red cap
Step 4: One solution to this problem is to purchase the Fluidmaster® Inc. Refill Tube Assembly costing a few dollars and change for 7-inches and only one use. Or measure the old fill tube and purchase the same diameter of the clear tubing say 2 feet that will cost less than two dollars and reuse all the clips that came with the tube. There will be enough tubing left if this problem ever happens again. 
Step 5: Fig.3 shows the little tube in the middle of the toilet fill valve. That is where the clear tube goes.
Fig.3 Middle
Step 6: Fig.4 shows the old fill line, now measure it should be around 6-inches.
Fig.4 Fill line
Step 7: Fig.5 shows the use of standard scissors and cut the clear tubing. The clear tube needs to be enlarged at the end to be able to place it on the nipple. 
Fig.5 Scissors
Step 8: Fig.6
shows the use of a Phillips screwdriver a little larger than the tube diameter and stretch it.
Fig.6 Screwdriver
Step 9: Fig.7 shows the next step is to insert the tube into the overflow tube. This overflow tube has a slot for the neoprene tubing, but most toilets will have a clip where the tube fits on to clip to the overflow tube. Now Willie will not worry about any water flooding his bathroom while he is delivering our mail.
Fig.7 Clear tubing

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  1. Thanks...great simple fix idea. Saves time and money.