Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Fix Reel To Reel Tape Guide Post

Fig.1 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Acid brush
Teac® Reel to Reel tape player
Super Glue® (Epoxy Adhesive by Pacer® Epoxies)

Tim is a collector, his specialty is The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) among vacuum tubes radios. He has a huge collection of reel to reel tape players which he listen to while repairing other museum pieces. I visit Tim as often as time permits, and that day he was working on an old Teac® that had a problem with the tape guide.  

This post shows the two steps on repairing the reel to reel tape guide using an industrial adhesive. 

Step 1: Above fig.1 shows the Teac® real to real tape player in state of repair. The one below works fine, it just had a guide post that kept falling off. The post is important because it allows the tape to go back on the reel once it has passed through the magnetic sensors. Tim had decided to use a very strong adhesive to repair this problem. The product information is listed below and explains how it is used. Tim was getting the device ready for a block party and he had decided to use this method temporary so we could all enjoy his huge music library. 
Step 2: Tim used a super glue double tube epoxy adhesive to glue the tape guide in place. The tube can only be used for one job. Fig.2 shows the white tape guide that will line up the tape onto the next reel. Once 5-minutes was spent, the tape reel was put back into working order. We all enjoyed the party and the music was wonderful coming form this Teac® reel to reel tape player.
Fig.2 Repaired Post

Super Glue History: Dr. Harry Coover, inventor of super glue, has been honored in a ceremony at the White House as a National Medal of Technology and Innovation 2009 Laureate.  

Epoxy Adhesive Product Description: Multipurpose, Low Set Time, Yellow, 1-oz. Syringe, Syringe, Mixing Ratio 1:1, Application Time 3 Min., Full Cure 24 hr., Work Life 5 min., Repairing and Bonding For Home

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