Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Get Install Restroom Handicapped Bars

Fig.1 Safety Bars
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Cordless screwdriver with an hex head bit
Hex head deck screws 3-inch 

Joe Z. a local taco owner in Palm, California had received customer complaints about the handicapped bars in the Men's bathroom. Joe's taco shop is located in Palm, Los Angeles, California. The Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, states Palms (originally "The Palms") is a community in western Los Angeles. The Palm city was founded in 1886 and the oldest neighborhood annexed to the city, in 1915.

This post shows the two steps to re-attaching handicapped bars to a bathroom wall.

Step 1: Look what is causing the problem and decided a plan of repairs. The bathroom bars were loose and the installer did not use long enough screws to contact with the metal studs in the bathroom. Above fig.1 shows the left side of the bar the screws held the metal bar against the wall. Fig.2 below shows the decorative plate was removed from the right side.
Fig.2 bars without cover
Step 2:  Fig.3 shows the decorative plate pushed away from the wall base plate. Use a cordless screwdriver with an hex head bit and drive each 3-inch deck screws into the metal studs. Fig.4 shows the decorative plate has been re-attached to the wall. The only problem was that the installer used to short of screws and he used the wrong type of screws. In a business environment using Phillips screws can cost the business owner loss of property. Hex head screws are more difficult to remove than Phillips screws. 
Fig.3 Decorative cover removed
Fig.4 Decorative cover replaced 
after bars placed into the studs

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