Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Get the Last Bit of Toothpaste from Those Pliable Plastic Tubes

Fig.1 Tube of Crest Toothpaste
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Binder clips (medium or small)
Crest toothpaste tube
Paper clips (large size)
Rubber bands
Toothpaste in plastic tube

We all buy toothpaste, the problem is that there is never a way to get all you paid for. How do you get the last bit of toothpaste from those plastic tubes?

This post shows the three possibilities of using up all the contents in those plastic tube. In this example a Crest toothpaste was used to show the different solutions. 

Step 1: First look at the tubes below. Above fig.1 the front side of the Crest toothpaste tubeFig.2 shows some of the toothpaste is missing from use. But how do you get all the toothpaste that you paid for?
Fig.2 Plastic tubes
Step 2: The first solution is to use a rubber band. The rubber band below comes from the vegetables we purchase at our local produce store. Here in California our vegetable are held by a fat green or blue rubber band. Use the rubber band in fig.3 shown below and wrap it around the base of the toothpaste tube. Fig.4 show the front side of the tube and fig.5 shows the back side of the tooth paste tube. This is fine if you have plenty of fat rubber bands and the price is right because the band comes with the vegetable. But what happens if you do not have rubber bands?
Fig.3 Rubber band
Fig.4 Rubber band around bottom
Fig.5 Rubber band at end of tube
Step 3: The next solution is to use a paper clip. Fig.6 shows a medium size paper clip. Notice in fig.7 the paper clip in on the Crest tooth paste tube. The problem with this method is the the paper clip seems to fall off the slippery tube. Sometimes a large paper clip will work better, do not use those plastic paper clips they tend to just break or just slip off. Is that all, this is not a solution, is there something better to use? But wait there is still one more to go.
Fig.6 Paperclip
Fig.7 Clip at the end of the tube
Step 4: This is the best solution to get all the tooth paste out of the tube. Fig.8 below shows a binder clip. Fig.9 shows the binder clip box and the inside of the box. Most office staff and accountants have used this device. A binder clip has nice handles that gives you a chance to apply the pressure on the tooth paste tube. The jaws of the binder clip are smooth enough to no pierce the tube and allow the tube contents to be move forward to the mouth of the tube.
Fig.8 Binder Clip
Fig.9 Clip box
Step 5: Fig.10 and fig.11 shows the Crest tube had the binder clip on its end. First roll up the tube and attach the binder clip to the end. Fig.12 the binder clip is used for all my plastic tubes. Now with these solution you should be able to get all the tooth paste that was purchase instead of losing it in the tube.
Fig.10 Best result binder clip
Fig.12 3-Tubes with binder clips
Fig.11 Contents pushed forward
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