Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to Repair a Bissell® 801004 Carpet Cleaner - Part 6 of 9 - Gluing and Attaching Brass Sleeve

Bissell® 8010 
Carpet Cleaner
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Anvil or Flat Bench Surface
Electrical Tape 
Needlenose Pliers
Screwdriver Flat Tip
Titebond® Super Gel Glue 

This post shows the six steps of applying adhesive on Bissell® Flow Base and attaching the brass sleeve to the clear vinyl tubes

This picture shows the anvil which the flat surface. The Bissell® Base Flow Indicator Base and the brass compression sleeve. On the right is the Titebond® Super Gel Glue adhesive.
Next, apply the Titebond® Super Gel Glue adhesive to the inside of the Bissell® Flow Indicator Base and insert the brass compression sleeve. Use a Flat Tipped Screwdriver to hold on the top of the brass compression sleeve. The tip must be held a minimum 15-seconds.
The Bissell® Clear Vinyl Tube on the right is the new repair and will be inserted on the brass sleeve. The one on the left will be inserted on its plastic nipple.
Use Needlenose Pliers to press the Bissell Clamps® open and push over the end of the tube. Check to make sure both Bissell Clamps are in the correct location on the Bissell Flow Indicator Base.
Here is a side view of the repairs. Notice the Bissel Clamps® are at the top of the hoses.
The Bissell® Tube Clear Vinyl hoses were kinked at the bottom of the Black Bissell® Hood Main Housing motor housing. Wrapping electrical tape around the top  of the Bissell® Hood Main Housing will keep the hoses in place. Next two repairs will be the Right Elevator Lever Arm and Bissell® Hood Main Housing.

How To Repair a Bissell 801004 Carpet Cleaner:

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