Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to Repair a Bissell® 801004 Carpet Cleaner - Part 4 of 9 - Parts Identification and Flow Indicator Base

Bissell® 8010 
Carpet Cleaner
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies: 
Flat-end screwdriver (remove belt cover)
Bissell® 8010 Carpet Cleaner
Phillip #2 screwdriver
Portable Vacuum Cleaner

We own the Bissell® 801004 Carpet Cleaner and parts are not available. We acquired the unit used and the carpet cleaner worked well for another seven years. We have Basenji dogs and they both shed regularly. Seven years later, the Bissell carpet cleaner keeps shutting off and overheats. 

This post shows seven identifying the motor parts and the damages to the carpet cleaner. 

Note: These posts addresses Bissell® carpet cleaners units that are ten years old and have no warranty by Bissel or any other warranty companies. Bissell® product names will be in the color black.

Underneath the Bissell Hood Main Housing are the parts that make the carpet cleaner. The water pumps, motor, clear hoses and flow indicator are housed here.
his is the rear of the Bissell® Carpet Cleaner Base Assembly that hold the wheels, tool accessory hoses and clear plastic hoses. This is the area that the Bissell® Tank-in-Tank Assembly sits in this area. The Gray tab upper left is called Bissell Pedal Release (Detent Lever) which allows the Bissell carpet cleaner to be unlocked from the standing position.
This picture at first look like all the parts are in working order. But the water hose feeding the  Bissell® Flow Indicator Base had been damaged from the bottom. This hose fed the Bissell® Flow Indicator Base that allowed the red spinner to spin showing water was available.
The Bissell® Flow Indicator tip was broken inside the Bissell® Tube Clear Vinyl tubing. The Bissel® Flow Indicator Base is the part that is damaged. The plastic nipple had stress fatigue and broke off. This damage and a twisted clear hose was preventing water from the
Bissell Tank Bottom to reach the carpet. 
This was the damaged part Black Bissell® Flow Indicator Base. Fairly easy to replace if the part was available.

The Gray Bissell® Flow Indicator Base sits on top of the Bissell® Motor Housing.
So the problem was the Bissell® Base Flow Indicator (Flow Indicator Base) that held the Bissell Cap Flow Indicator. The Bissell Base Flow Indicator nipple was broken off and water flow was reduced. The next post will address the repair of the Bissell® Flow Indicator Base.

How To Repair a Bissell 801004 Carpet Cleaner: 

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