Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Repair a Bissell® 801004 Carpet Cleaner - Part 8 of 9 - Reinstall the Internal Parts

Bissell® 8010 
Carpet Cleaner
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Screwdriver Phillip Tip

This post shows the eighteen steps to reassemble the Bissell Carpet Cleaner after it was repaired. All that left is to test this machine and that will be done in the next post.
This is the first part to be installed after checking to see if all the interior part are in their correct place.

The four arrows indicate that four Bissell #8 x 3/4" screws will hold down the Bissell® Hood Housing.
Use a Phillip Screwdriver to drive the four screws home. When the Bissell® Hood is installed make sure that the Bissell® Wheels are inside the Bissell® Wheel Gasket.
The next part is to place the interior Bissell® Clearview Window Assembly which is held down by two Bissell #8 x 3/4" screws. Make sure the Bissell® Clearview Window Assembly Gasket is in good shape before installing.
Next, install the Bissell® Window Base (Floor Nozzle Window) which is held down by two Bissell #8 x 3/4" screws.
At the top of the Bissell® Window Base is the Bissell® Seal Oval Window Gasket. Just thread the inside and it will place itself into the floor nozzle window.

At the top of this picture is the Bissell® Seal Oval Window Gasket. This picture shows the Gray Bissell® Diverter that chooses between floor and the hand tools. Remember to make sure the valve can move up or flat to be used by the tools.
This is the valve that moves the internal Bissell® Diverter Valve that chooses between the floor and or the hand tools.
This is the turn valve that chooses how much soap can be allowed from the Bissell® Smart Mix Bottle.
There a diagram that shows how much soap will be released from the Bissell® Smart Mix Bottle.
This is Bissell® Shampoo Bottle Assembly.
These are the parts that will be inserted into the Bissell® Flow  Indicator Base.
Next, the Bissell® Flow  Indicator (red spinner) is placed into the Bissell® Base and the Bissell® Base cap is placed on the Bissell® base.

This is the Bissell® Brush Roll Assembly 6-Row and Pivot Arm Assembly

Thread the Bissell® Brush through the Bissell® Brush Belt and secure it using Bissell® Retaining Left  Right Package Arm Retainer. 

Use a Phillip Screwdriver to secured by two Bissell® #8 x 3/4" screws.
15 Bissell® Auto load Assembly is at the bottom of the water bladder, check it by pressing your finger at the bottom, it's fine when water comes out.

Bissell® Tank Assembly including Tank Bottom and Baffle. 

Tip: Place a little tap water inside each containers to prevent soap from crystallizing into the water lines. 

The last part to put back on is the Bissell® Belt Cover. This one is clean and ready to be installed into the Bissell® Hood Housing.

Now the Bissell® Carpet Cleaner is ready to use.

#1 is the tank clean.
#2 is the Smart Mix bottle knob placed at zero if storing.
#3 The red spinner is repaired and ready to be used. 

How To Repair a Bissell® 801004 Carpet Cleaner: 

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