Monday, August 15, 2016

How to Destroy your Computer Information - Part 2 of 7 - Removing Computer Hard Drive

Non-Magnetic Pliers
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Non-Magnetic pliers
Non-Magnetic Flat-tipped screwdriver
Non-Magnetic Phillip-tipped screwdriver

It's early fall and the weather is changing, and so is the room in our home. There will be three posts showing step-by-step method of removing the the data information, then the hard drives and finally destroying the hard drives so one can ever read them again. 

This post shows the thirteen steps of removing the hard drives from the tower computer. 

This is the back of the VAIO Sony Computer used for my home and Service Business. The arrow on the bottom of one of 6 - hexadecimal screws used to hold the exterior cover on this tower. This electrical non - magnetic screwdriver was used to remove all the screws on the exterior and the interior of this computer.
The black arrow shows that some screws are #1 Phillip screws. There were 2-Phillip screws and they held the cover in place. Use either a hand held screwdriver or a cordless screwdriver. Note: Just remember to check the chuck on the cordless, not to strip the screw. 
This area of the back of the Sony VAIO and these screws do not need to be removed. This is the area that hold the monitor, sound, printer, speakers and keyboard. There was a USB rectangular (top) but it was an earlier model and was not used.
Once all the screws have been removed, tip the top (case) forward and the case slowly unlatches. Sometimes a flat tipped screwdriver helps release the latches on the exterior case.
Here the case is unlatched and ready to be removed.

Tipping the case forward makes it easier to remove without causing any problems to the interior of the computer.
Here the computer case has been removed and placed upside down.
6 Here come the fun. The 2-black arrows on the left are the IDE cables. The black arrow on the right shows two power connectors for both hard drives.
7 Remove the power connectors first. There is only one way to put these on but they can be difficult to remove. Use pliers if needed.
Use the pliers to remove the IDE cables. Notice on the left side the power connectors have been removed.

Here are both IDE cables used for data on both drives. These need to be folded
10 Here are both drives there are eight more #1-Phillip screws holding both of these drives.

Now both of the drives are free from the computer case. These were removed both together in another metal case. The picture below shows the empty area were the hard drives used to be.

The case is being placed back onto its frame. The frame is now ready for its hexadecimal screws and be shipped to the Goodwill.

Here the Sony Tower computer will have a good home helping people rebuild it and have a new life with someone else. When I owed it the tower computer helped me with my business and fun games.

How To Destroy your Computer Information:

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