Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Destroy your Computer Information - Part 6 of 7 - Ram and Solid State Drives

Drill Hole in
the Warning
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Bench or Flat Surface 
Clamp 4-foot
Douglas Fir 2x4x4 (8) 
Hammers Claw
Saw Horses (2)
Sledge Heavy

Now is the time to rid ourselves of old computer hard drives.

This post shows the four steps of removing destroying the ram information and memory chips in the hard drive circuit boards.   

The primary purpose of damaging these circuit chips is to stop any potential information that might be used against you. Some circuits chips according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" store configuration data, these circuitry chip can high has a high durability and ability to withstand high pressure, temperature and water immersion. But not a direct hit from a metal sledge hammer.


This is the circuit board with intact memory chips from a hard drive. 

This circuit board shows the parts, which include the board, the soft tissue, and the hard drive case.

This shows the circuit board memory chip for the hard drive had been destroyed using a claw hammer.

This shows that all the memory chips were damaged using a metal sledge hammer. Top right, the warning sign is a preview of the last post dealing with the Etching and Drilling the hard drive disks.

How To Destroy your Computer Information:

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