Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Repair a Bissell 801004 Carpet Cleaner - Part 9 of 9 - Putting The Bissell To Work Cleaning the Couch

By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Bissell® Carpet Cleaning

This post shows the four steps on the process to repair the back up switch for the fireplace. It worked wonderful. Below are tip and tricks that I found in my research.

1 Bissell® Carpet Cleaner 8010 now working and in use on the living room couch.

Here the couch seat and foot rest was cleaned with the repaired Bissell Accessory brush.

This picture cleaned the hair top pillow.

This shows that the water was removing excess from the couch.

                                           Tips and Tricks
  1. This is the best tip. Clean the brush area after the machine is used and avoid major repair later. The machine will run faster and better for it
  2. Bissell Power Steamer Carpet Cleaner Repair: Brush removal and replacement.
  3. The Bissell® Manual: Indicates that the system should be cleaned out after every use with a mixture of vinegar and water to properly completely remove any residual soap from the system.
  4. Nozzles problems? Nozzles are either white or red Follow these simple directions: Remove the water tank and there you will see 2-square plastic nozzles attached to two hoses. Gently squeeze the clips and pull up using needlenose pliers to squeeze the clamps and slide them away from the nozzles. If the nozzle are clogged use a paper clip to remove the clog.
  5. Bissell Proheat Repair Tips
  6. If you can't find the parts, try to purchase an older machine similar to your and take that part to replace the one you can't find, or purchase an older machine and enjoy it because you know it will last for at least 10-years with proper maintenance.
  7. Bissell® How-To Videos: HOW TO USE A CARPET CLEANER From Bissell®. Cleaning Carpets with Your Rental Machine and Using the Accessory Hose and Stain Tool
  8. After cleaning the carpeting: Flush the water lines after using the carpet cleaner. 
  9. Yahoo answers: Bissell Forum:  If you have a problem about your Bissell Yahoo Answers can help find the answer.

How to Repair a Bissell 801004 Carpet Cleaner:

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