Monday, August 15, 2016

How to Destroy your Computer Information - Part 1 of 7 - Use Software First

CleanSweep® Data Removal
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies: 
Norton CleanSweep
Software (delete data)
Sony VAIO Windows 98 Tower computer

It's summer and we decided to remove our old computers from our home. These 7-posts will show step-by-step method of removing information from your drives and three different ways of destroying each hard drives, so no one can access them.

This post shows the seven steps on how to remove data using software. 

This is the computer that is being removed from inventory. This Sony VAIO Windows 98 Tower computer now needs to have both hard drives deleted and destroyed.
This is a VAIO Sony Computer that needs the data removed. If you wanted to keep the computer, the best solution is to remove the data seven times. This is done with special DOD software to make sure that all the deleted points are rewritten and that the data can not be found again. 

Now its time to remove all the external parts. Remove the keyboard and the keyboard wires on the left of this picture (gray, green). Next remove the Monitor that the black plug on the left side of the computer. Finally, remove the black power cord and attached it to the monitor. Everything but the tower case hard drives will be sent to the Goodwill for processing.
This picture shows that pink shows that the drive is almost empty. The dark blue shows the data left on the two drives.
Use Norton CleanSweep and this software program will remove some data that you might not know were it is located. Also use the Control  panel and remove any software that you might have loaded on the computer.

This is what Norton CleanSweep shows that it may remove data from the computer.

Norton CleanSweep shows how much data can be removed from each drive.
This Window XP message box shows how much data was removed.
Next, Norton CleanSweep shows what folders it removed the data from. But this only is part of the data removal you can use.

Now it's time to read this article "The five best data removal tools" written by

How To Destroy your Computer Information:

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