Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Use Bathroom Sink Snare for Bath and Sink Hair Removal

Fig.1 EZ Zip Drain Cleaner
By Gary Boutin 
Supplies and Tools: 
EZ Zip Drain Cleaner snare

My wife has been bugging me about those cheap plastic whips that magically remove all the hairs that comes off our heads. We purchase the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner snare purchased at Harbor Freight Tools in Upland, California. 

This post shows twelve steps to remove hair from your sink.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the brand we purchased.
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner system claims.

Fig.2 Claims
Step 3: Fig.3 to Fig.5 shows the advantages of using the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner.
Fig.3 Directions
Fig.4 Directions #2
Fig.5 Patent number plus UPC code
Step 4: Fig.6 and Fig.7 shows how to use the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner pictorial diagrams on how to use this product.
Fig.6 Application to a sink drain
Fig.7 Insert within plunger cape
 Step 5: Fig.8 shows the best part of this product is explained below:

Fig.8 True claims
Step 6: Fig.9 shows the sink drain is draining slowly. 
Fig.9 Sink drains slowly
Step 7: Fig.10 shows the chrome pop-up drain stopper with removable chrome top.
Fig.11 shows the removable drain stopper upside down.
Fig.10 Removable Pop up cap
Fig.11 Cap

Step 8: Fig.12 shows the sink is ready for the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner snare that will be used in the sink hole.

Fig.12 Ready to clean
Step 9: Fig.13 show the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner snare purchased at Harbor Freight Tools.
Fig.13 Sink Snare
Step 10: Fig.14 shows the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner snare teeth to catch human hair.
Fig.14 Snare teeth
Step 11: Fig.15 shows the insertion the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner snare and push it as far as it will go. Now pull it out and notice the hairs that are caught on the snare.
Fig.15 Doing the job
Step 12: Fig.16 shows the insertion of the Sink Hair Snare several times until all the hair is removed or the sink start to drain normally. This job is done and yes it was worth purchasing the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner snare for $2.00
Fig.16 Pulling out hairs

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