Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to Make Molecules for High School Chemistry

By Gary Boutin
Fig.1 Cutting up molecules
Supplies and Tools: 
Bamboo chopsticks
Candy floss paper sticks
Chocolate foil marble
Play dough
Pretzels (for bonds)
Fondant with toothpicks
Jelly beans (soft ones) with toothpicks
Radial saw
Styrofoam molecules with small balls
Wood apple sticks (strongest)
Wood skewers
Wood toothpicks

During school many parents are always trying to make their own molecules for High School Chemistry. This is because the molecular set are very expensive.

This post shows the thirteen steps of other ways to create molecules sets for your children than purchasing plastic balls with plastic bonds.

Step 1: The Prentice Hall Molecular Model Set For Organic Chemistry is used by chemistry students in High school and college course work. 
Step 2: Fig.1 above and fig.2 below shows the area of the Radial saw that were several cuts were done on a homemade STYROFOAM™ molecules.
Fig.2 Molecules
Step 3: You could use Play-Dough with wooden toothpicks.
Step 4: You could use marshmallow and toothpicks for the bonds. The best part is you can eat them when finished.
Step 5 You could use sugar fondant with toothpicks and that also could be eaten after the making molecules.
Step 6: You could use jelly beans (soft ones) with toothpicks.
Step 7: You could go to a hobby store and purchase STYROFOAM™ balls and use wood toothpicks.
Step 8: You could go to a candy store and purchase Chocolate Foil Marble with toothpicks. Many choices of color for the chocolate and this way your finger will not get sticky. Delicious later.
Step 9: Molecular Bond choices: You could be Shultz Pretzel Sticks but the hole in the molecule would have to be larger. The one con is that these break easily but they are delicious for serious snacks.
Step 10: Some candy stores offer candy floss paper sticks of various sizes, this could be used for a molecule bond. Its strong and would be sanitary around food.
Step 11: Lollipop sticks or wood skewers could also make a strong bond for molecule building.
Step 12: For large molecules you could use wood apple sticks that could bear the weight of the molecule.
Step 13: Another example to use is bamboo chopsticks for molecular bonds.

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