Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Paint Dividing Hallway, Laundry Room and Bedrooom Door Jambs

Fig.1 Tools
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools: 
Blue gloves
Blue painter's tape
Clear plastic film
Cutting brush 
Film clear 3 millimeter
FrogTape® Green Painter's tape
Paint interior flat 
Paint can opener
Paint roller cover
Paint frame
Paint stir stick (Free)
Painter's tarps

Mrs. Jujube wanted her hallways between her two bedrooms painted. She was having company and wanted all the discolored paint to be freshen up.

This post shows the twelve steps to paint an interior hallway between two bedrooms, laundry unit and a bathroom.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the tools used for this job. Roller cover and paint frame, cutting brush, paint can opener, blue gloves, paint tray liner, paint stir stick and paint tarp.
Step 2: Fig.2 and Fig.3 shows the application of Blue painter's tape along the edges of the door jamb.
Fig.2 Door edge taped
Fig.3 Door edges taped
Step 3: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows all the doors have clear film over each door and the painter's tarp has been applied to the floor.
Fig.4 bedrooms #1 + #2

Fig.5 Bedroom #2
Step 4: Fig.6 shows laundry doors and the bathroom door had clear film placed over the door.
Fig.6 Laundry + Bathroom
Step 5: Fig.7, through fig.9 shows unit plug was taped.
Fig.7 Duplex taped
Fig.8 Thermostat taped
Fig.9 Fire alarm taped
Step 6: Fig.10, through fig.12 shows the application of FrogTape® tape to the ceiling edges.
Fig.10 Hallway bedroom ceiling #1
Fig.11 Hallway bedroom ceilings #2
Fig.12 Bathroom/laundry ceiling

Step 7: Fig.13, through fig.15 shows the pictures hooks painted around, and wall door plaques were also painted.
Fig.13 Nail painted
Fig.14 picture hook painted
Fig.15 door knob plate painted
Step 8: Fig.16, and fig.17 shows that cutting took place before the walls were rolled.

Fig.16 Interior flat paint
Fig.17 Step ladder for cutting
Step 9: Fig.18, and fig.19 shows the hallway walls were rolled with two coats of paint.
Fig.18 Rolling bedroom  #1
Fig.19 Rolling with paint stick
Step 10: Fig.20, through fig.22 shows that the painter's tape is being removed from the baseboards and the ceiling areas.
Fig.20 Removing Blue tape
Fig.21 FrogTape® removed
FrogTape® removed
Step 11: Fig.23 shows the pictures are placed back on the wall. 
Fig.23 #2 Bedroom walls painted

Step 12: Fig.24 shows the laundry side of the wall now repainted and ready for use.
Fig.24 Laundry + bathroom painted

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