Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Review Bathroom Duo Toilet Guts Kit

Fig.1 Old bowl
By Gary Boutin 

Supplies and Tools: 
Crescent wrench
Channellock® pliers
Duo Toilet Repair Kit
Needle nose pliers 
Towel (pick up water from the flush valve)

Mr. Strata live in a condominium complex in Highland, California. His home was over 40 years old and all of his toilets were 1.6 gal low flow toilets. He wanted to try to install in the master bathroom a duo toilet flush. 

This post shows the eight steps how to install the duo toilet system. This post is a review of this product. 

Step 1: Fig.1 above right shows that this is the toilet bowl before the Duo flush system was installed. Fig.2 below has the water flapper removed.
Fig.2 Flapper removed

Step 2: Fig.3 shows the new Duo Toilet Repair Kit.
Fig.3 Duo Kit
Step 3: Fig.4 shows that the toilet stop valve must be turned off. Use Channellock® pliers to remove the plastic nut underneath the toilet bowl. 
Fig.4 Stop valve
Step 4: Fig.5 and Fig.6 shows the removed the parts from the box and separate each part for installation.
Fig.5 Duo new box kit
Fig.6 Flush valve kit plus lever

Step 5: Fig.7 shows scissors cutting the tape cut from flush valve lines.
Fig.7 Tape removed
Step 6: Fig.8 and Fig.9 shows the flush valve all ready to install in the toilet bowl.
Fig.8 Flush valve
Fig.9 Adjusting the water level
Step 7: Fig.10 Water tube goes directly to flush valve system. Now this system if fully functional. Mr. Strata had the system for three months before he decided to purchase new toilet from Sam's club. Did it work, Mr. Strata said it did but he wanted even more water flush than the system installed. 
Fig.10 Flush valve 
tube assembly to 
vacuum system

Step 8: Fig.11 shows the new system has been updated. The flush valve is very powerful. There are some warning that the system could overpower your toilet system. There are always warnings, if your concerned the best thing to do is to look it up on the Internet. You may have to go through 20 pages before the answer comes but it might be worth your time. What I do know is Mr. Strata is happy with the system that he received from Sam's club and so far there has been no complaints. But there is considerable differences the kit cost $30 the new toilet cost $200.

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