Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Install Bathroom White Handicapped Handles - Part 2 of 2 - The Installation

Fig.1 Remove top screw cover
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Anchors plastic clear
Star flat-head wood deck screws #10 3 in.
Cordless drill  
Phillip screwdriver #2
Stud sensor 
Magnetic bit holder
Wood level
Wood drill 1/8 inch
MOEM home care designer hand grip bars kit

Mrs. Escarole purchased MOEM Home Care Designer Hand Grip Bars and wanted it installed in the master bathroom. She purchased the bar from The Home Depot.

This post shows the sixteen steps to install decorative MOEM Home Care Designer Hand Grip Bars.

Step 1: Above right fig.1 shows MOEM Home Care Designer Hand Grip Bars top cover being removed to access the screw.  
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the top cover removed and shows that two metal screws can be placed in the unit.
Fig.2 Installing top cover

Step 3: Fig.3 shows the metal screws and washers that are part of this kit.
Fig.3 Metal screws and washers
Step 4: Fig.4 shows the tools needed for this job. A cordless screwdriver, stud sensor, magnetic bit holder with Phillip bit and wood level was used to get this job done.
Fig.4 The tools
Step 5: Fig.5 shows a stud sensor was used to find the wood studs in the wall.  This sensor makes a complete arrow when the stud is found in the wall.
 Fig.5 Stud sensor
Step 6: Fig.6 shows a screwdriver is used to make a hole in the wall and make sure there is a wood stud at the end of the screwdriver point.
Fig.6 Screwdriver
Step 7: Fig.7 shows cordless screwdriver with a magnetic bit holder and a Phillip Bit.
Fig.7 Magnetic bit holder
Step 8: Fig.8 shows the metal screws and washers being placed in the upper chamber of the grip bar.
Fig.8 Installing metal screws
Step 9: Fig.9 shows the metal screws were stripped by a Cordless Screwdriver.
Fig.9 Stripped metal screws

Step 10: Remove the stripped screw and replace them with deck screws.  
Step 11: Fig.10 shows Deckmate #10 3 in. star flat-head wood deck screws that will be used to install the bar again.  
Fig.10 Deckmate wood screws

Step 12: Fig.11 shows the flat metal washer used to prevent the wood screws from going inside the grip handle.
Fig.11 Flat washer
Step 13: Fig.12 shows two #10 3 in. star flat-head wood deck screws in the upper chamber.
Fig.12 Upper 
Step 14: Fig.13 shows two #10 3 in. star flat-head wood deck screws in the bottom chamber.

Fig.13 Lower 
 Step 15: Fig.14 shows the upper chamber door closed.
Fig.14 Upper 
chamber closed
 Step 16: Fig.15 shows the grip handle is ready to use.
Fig.15 Handle 
ready to use
How to Install Bathroom White Handicapped Handles:

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