Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Wash and Paint a Metal Garage Folding Door

By Gary Boutin
Fig.1 Double garage door

Supplies and Tools:
Clean dry towel
Clear plastics
Mini-roller frame
Paint liners 
Painter's tape
Paint trays 
Roller covers  mini
Painting bucket
Water pail

Mrs. Kwaski called my repair Service to check her garage, she wanted to know if it could be painted.

This post shows the twenty one steps to painting a metal garage folding door.

Step 1: Above right fig.1 shows the old door that needed to be repainted. It was painted a sand color. 
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the supplies needed to paint a garage door. A water pail for soap and sponges. Several tarps to protect the cement. A painting bucket filled with brushes, roller covers, painter's tape, clear plastics, paint trays and paint liners plus an assortment of supplies.
Fig.2 Tarps
Step 3: Fig.3 and fig.4 shows the door had several damages on the main door as well as on the both sides of the door.
Fig.3 Garage door damaged paint
Fig.4 Garage door edges damaged
Step 4: Fig.5 shows that the first step is to wash the door. The water pail holds the soap and the sponge to remove the dirt and scratches on the door.
Fig.5 Water Hose
Step 5: Fig.6 shows that a clean dry towel was used to wipe down each section of the door. Including each hinge section, the rubber edges and the side edge of the door.
Fig.6 Use rag to dry garage door
Step 6: Fig.7 shows that all the windows have been washed and polished prior to painting the door. painter's tape will not stick to dirty windows.
Fig.7 Drying windows
Step 7: Fig.8 shows the edges of the garage, plus the rubber edges of the door were dried with a clean towel.
Fig.8 Drying door
Step 8: Fig.9 shows that painter's tape was placed on the door rubber, and the wood edges.
Fig.9 Taping door edges
Step 9: Fig.10 and fig.11 shows the painter's tape is completely around the garage door.
Fig.10 Taping top edge
Fig.11 Taping side edges
Step 10: Fig.12 shows the new paint, paint stick, stub paint brush and a paint can opener.
Fig.12 Tools
Step 11: Fig.13 shows the the paint is around each part of the garage windows.
Fig.13 Window edges painted
Step 12: Fig.14 shows the Handyman painting the rubber trim with the new paint.
Fig.14 Paint top trim
Step 13: Fig.15 and fig.16 shows a mini-roller frame and roller cover to paint those hard to get areas of the garage door.
Fig.15 Mimi roller
Fig.16 Roll paint between 
garage door hinges
Step 14: Fig.17 shows the first three panels of the garage door have been painted and the last panel needs to be painted. The wood trim and rubber seal have been painted with the new paint.
Fig.17 Painting panels
Step 15: Fig.18 and fig.19 shows that most of the last panel is painted and only one third is left to be painted.
Fig.18 Painting bottom edges
Fig.19 Half of door panted
Step 16: Fig.20 shows that the paint broke through the painter's tape. Now the fun begins.
Fig.20 Painting windows edges
Step 17: Fig.21 shows the glass was cleaned with soap and water. Still there is paint at the edges that need to be addressed.
Fig.21 Clean edges
Step 18: Fig.22 shows metal paint scraper removing the excess paint off the glass edges.
Fig.22 Metal paint 
scraper removing paint
Step 19: Fig.23 shows that after the job of removing paint, lots of paint flakes all over the door and the garage cement. The use of the vacuum brush removes excess paint flakes off the windows and the garage door including the garage cement.
Fig.23 Vacuuming 
paint of glass panels
Step 20: Fig.24 shows industrial vacuum cleaner with a bag to collect the pieces.
Fig.24 Shop vacuum
Step 21: Fig.25 shows the garage door is painted white and ready for the next use.
Fig.25 Double garage 
door finished

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  1. Last weekend, I initiated my own garage DIY project. I'm working on renovating my two garages; revamping them into the ultimate man caves. I want some pool tables, arcade machines, High Definition Televisions and recliner couches. I will definitely make use of these ideas as well. I can't wait to see how it turns out! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your lucky to be able to turn your garage into a Man Cave. Mine is chuck full of tools. Thanks for enjoying my pages, more to come and I will think of some ideas for the Man Cave.