Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Adjust a Custom Cat Halter

Fig.1 Cat outline
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Awl and thread
Binder clips
Dog collar
Hot glue (holds stitch)

Mrs. Black has a large Siamese cat known as a Snowshoe whom she enjoys taking for a walk around her home. She tried every cat halter available on the market. Her cat is wide at the stomach and smaller at the head, but most feline collars do not work this way. A dog halter has a collar around the neck attached with an adjustable strap around the middle keeping the animal from slipping out of the halter. Sounds simple enough, but when placed into action, the cat would not allow the dog halter to be put on him and would just wiggles out of it, thus freeing himself.

This post shows the five steps to change a dog halter into a custom cat halter. 
Step 1: Fig.1 (above right) shows a cat's outline that is part of a children's drawing book. If you want interesting coloring pages for your children click above on fig.1. Fig.2 shows the instructions for a new red dog halter that will fit her cat with some customization. Fig.3 shows the red dog halter cut to the new size and now just needs to be sewn together.
Fig.2 Dog halter directions
Fig.3 New halter, now cut to fit a cat
Step 2: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows the repetition of the sewing needle locking in the stitch where the binder clips are attached to the cat halter. Fig.4 through fig.7 shows the stitch from the start to finish with locking the final stitch.
Fig.4 Stitching
Fig.5 Stitching continues
Step 3: Fig.6 shows the continuing stitching to accomplished the goal.
Fig.6 Stitching
Fig.7 Sew together
Step 4: Fig.8 shows that the upside down stitch is locking in the stitch at the ring area. This will need to be done for each segment that was cut to fit the cat.
Fig.8 Closing final stitch
Step 5: Fig.9 shows the cat returned from his walk and is truly a happy boy. The halter worked fine and now her cat cooperates to put the cat halter on. Mrs. Black enjoys walking with her cat safely on his leash.
Fig.9 French: Le Chat

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