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How to Repair Missing Stucco around a Bedroom Window - Part 4 of 5 - Stucco Patch

Fig.1 Cracks near the window
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Electric drill
Stucco paddle
Stucco pail or tub

Tom J. lives in Wrightwood, California where the weather can be quite severe. He called my repair service to investigate why his bedroom window was always drafty. This job was done with my good friend, Carl, who helped me complete it.

This post shows the eight steps for applying stucco patch to the window edges.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the gap beside the window that needs to be filled with stucco. This window's edges were also caulked.
Step 2: Purchase the stucco at your local warehouse store. Mix the stucco with an electric drill and a painting paddle. Once the stucco is mixed apply the stucco with a trowel to the areas around the window. It will take about one day for the stucco to dry before applying the second coat of stucco. It will be easier for a small job to mix the stucco in a cement tub. If you have a big job, then you should rent a portable cement mixer. Cement mixers can be rented at your local equipment rental company.
Step 3: In the last post there was stucco wire in front of the 30# black felt paper, the paper will hold the wet stucco against the wall and the stucco will be held by the stucco wire.
Step 4: The second coat of stucco will even up the sides with the existing stucco. It's not as easy as it reads, it takes time and practice to get the stucco looking right.
Step 5: Fig.2 and fig.3 shows the stucco has been applied flat and later will have another coating for the final coat.

Fig.2 Stucco around the window
Fig.3 The stucco has dried

Step 6: Fig.4 shows the second coat of stucco was applied to the bottom and the right side of the window.

Fig.4 Stucco drying

Step 7: Fig.5 shows the attic vent hole was repaired and filled with stucco. The white patches are there to add texture to the stucco.

Fig.5 The vent is covered

Step 8: Fig.6 shows the final coat of stucco to the window. Now what needs to be done is priming the stucco, this step will seal the stucco to make it waterproof.

Fig.6 top view

How To Repair the Missing Stucco around a Bedroom Window:

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