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How to Clean an Oriental Rug - Part 1 of 3 - Oriental Rug Shampoo

Oriental Rug Cleaning
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Bissel® Rug shampoo for pets
Carpet broom
Large laundry sink or toilet 
Vacuum cleaner

Mrs. Black a World Famous Television Chef on the Network Channel had purchase an 12-ft by 12-ft Chinese oriental rug from a discontinued home furniture business. The rug had been soiled by the owners pets and needed an urgent cleaning. Usually these rug need to be handle by a special process but Mrs. Black wanted the rug to be clean immediately. She had purchased from Kohl a pet shampoo machine and wanted to use it to clean the rug.

This post the eight steps on how to shampoo an Oriental rug using a Bissel® Pet Shampoo machine.

Step 1: The oriental rug was placed on a tile surface and vacuumed until all the animal  hairs could not be seen. Use a standard vacuum cleaner until most of the animal hair is removed. As the rug is cleaned with the pet rug cleaner the animal hair will be removed from the rug, increasing its color and natural smell. 
Step 2: Fig.1 shows the pink plastic bottle of Bissell® pet shampoo. Fig.2 shows Oxy Clean® shampoo. Both were used in cleaning this rug.
Fig.1 Rug soap
Fig.2 Oxy Soap
Step 3: First, hot tap water fills the water bottle to the line located at the top of the bottle. Next fig.3 shows the pet shampoo being poured into the bottle to the top of the white line. This measures enough water and soap to do the job. This will need to be done every time the bottle is empty, approximately two passes of this rug.
Fig.3 Add soap
Step 4: Fig.4 shows the first pass or the oriental rug. Some of the color is returning to the rug. 
Fig.4 Dulled rug from cat
 hair has dulled this rug!
Step 5: Fig.5 to fig.7 shows how to empty the dirty water from the shampoo machine. Fig.5 shows the clip that needs to be undone to get the water bucket loose. Fig.6 shows the dirty water from the back side of the water container. Fig.7 shows a toilet was used to remove the dirty water from the rug shampoo container. A utility sink can be used with a strainer to catch pet hair.
Fig.5 Click water basket
Fig.6 Sponge
Fig.7 Rid water
Step 6: Fig.8 shows this rug is finished and filled with vibrant colors.

Fig.8 Rug clean
Step 7: Fig.9 shows the the vacuum brush is cleaned and ready to be used for the next job.
Fig.9 Beater brush clean
How To Clean an Oriental Rug: 

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