Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Repair a Double Mailbox - Part 10 of 16 - Carriage Bolts

Fig.1: The Old Mailbox
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Drill Bit 1/2 x 12 inch 
Electrical cord 100-foot 
Electrical strip  
Electric drill 120-volt with 1/2-inch Jaw 
Galvanized washers (2) 
Galvanized  10.5 inch carriage bolts (2) 
Galvanized 1/2-inch bolts (2) 
Gloves heavy-duty 
Impact wrench socket 3/4-size for 1/2-inch nuts 
Ratchet 1/2-inch 
Saw horses (2)  
Impact driver Socket  
Tarps and paper 

Mrs. Escarole had been warned by her local carrier that her mail would not be delivered until the mailbox post was firmly in the ground. Her association also warned her that the new mailbox had to look the same as the old mailbox in size and in color. She lives in a rural town called Creekside, California. 

This post shows the six steps to installing the 2-10.5 inch Chrome dipped carriage bolts and galvanized washer on a Douglas Fir 4x4 wood posts.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the old mailbox that needs to be repaired.
Step 2: Fig.2 shows that the first horizontal bar and the main post were being fitted with two 10-1/2 inch carriage bolts

Fig.2: The carriage bolts
Step 2: Fig.3 shows that the carriage bolt is completely through both horizontal bars and the main post. The slip washer has been placed and now the Nut needs placed into the hole.

Fig.3: The first hole
Step 3: Fig.4 shows that both the galvanized nuts but have been installed into all the wood 4x4 posts.

Fig.4: Both holes with nuts
Step 4: Fig.5 shows an 1/2-inch Ratchet with an impact wrench socket 3/4-size for fit the 1.2 galvanized nut. Impact socket was used because the length of the socket was over 3-inches long, while a standard socket is 1/2 to 3/4 inches long.

Fig.5: Tightening the bolts
Step 6: Fig.6 shows the tightening of both galvanized nuts as tight as possible.
Fig.6: Re-tightening both 
galvanized nuts

How to Repair a Double Mailbox:

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