Friday, February 20, 2015

How to Paint Brown Living Room - Part 6 of 7 - Roll Walls

Fig.1 Paint tray and Roller
By Gary Boutin
Supplies and Tools: 
Painter's tarp
Painter plastic tray
Paint roller frame
Paint roller 3/8 inch nap
Painter's tarp

Tyler Zowat 's home was in Perris, California. He had a huge family that visited his large home regularly. I received a call from Tyler that his local plumber had repaired a leak in the bathroom wall and he needed to have someone fix the wall, and paint two walls in the living room. All his parts were purchase from The Home Depot.

This post shows the five steps on how to roll a living room wall. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows a paint tray full brown paint purchased by the customer. The paint tray also has a paint frame that houses the paint roller. All of this sits on top of a painter's tarp to protect the living room rug.
Step 2: Fig.2 and fig.3 shows to views of the same wall that was the wall repair.  
Fig.2 Rolling bottom edge

Step 3: Fig.4 shows the top of the wall being rolled.
Fig.4 Rolling around speakers

Step 4: Fig.5 shows the wall being rolled.
Fig.5 Rolling walls
Step 5: Fig.6 and fig.7 shows the wall have both coat of paint and now need to dry before picking up the living room area.
Fig.6 Brushing the drips

Fig.7 Second Coat

How To Paint Brown Living Room:

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