Friday, February 20, 2015

How to clean Faberware 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker
By Gary Boutin 

Supplies and Tools:
Bowl (large enough for the filter)
Dish soap
Dry towels
Filtered water
Fresh coffee grounds 1/4 cup  
Metal screen filter (replace if needed)
Vinegar white 1-gallon

Visiting a friend who drinks tea, they pulled out their Faberware 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. It had been used before but not for over three years. The coffee pot and the coffee maker had several coats of coffee and coffee grinds that needed to be removed. 

This post shows the eight steps on how to clean Faberware 5-cup programmable coffee maker. 

The Faberware options are below:
  • 12 Volts/650 Watts
  • Auto function allows you to set the brew-start timer for freshly brewed coffee
  • Precision pour carafe with plastic lip on glass carafe.
  • Maximum warm time is 3 hours
  • Simplified control panel one button push on
  • Permanent filter
  • Non-stick warming plate
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 8.56"L x 5.91"W x 10.51"H
  • Model# 103743
Step 1: Fig.1 above right shows the Faberware coffee maker that needs cleaning.  
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the coffee maker is plugged into a duplex outlet.
Fig.2 Plugged in
Step 3: Fig.3 and fig.4 shows that after cleaning using soap and water the mineral were removed. It was more dirty than scaly.
Fig.3 Cleaning glass carafe
Fig.4 Clean glass carafe
Step 4: Fig.5 shows to pour half filtered water and half household white vinegar into the coffee maker interior tray. Do this three time or until the smell of coffee is removed from coffee maker.
Fig.5 Cleaning
Step 5: Fig.6 and fig.7 shows the metal screen filter is being soaked into white vinegar. Once the coffee maker is cleaned and doesn't smell. Clean the interior filter by cleaning it with soap and water. Rinse to remove the soap and place the filter into a bowl of white vinegar for thirty minutes.
Fig.6 Bottom side down in vinegar
Fig.7 Top side down in vinegar

Step 6: Fig.8 shows to fill the water container on the right with clean filtered water.
Fig.8 Fill with water
Step 7: Fig.9 shows a 1/4 cup of fresh coffee grounds that will be added to the metal coffee screen filter and fig.10 shows the coffee grounds of our choice which comes from Sam's club.
Fig.9 Hawaii Hazelnut
Fig.10 Sam's Club Coffee
Step 8: Fig.11 shows the coffee is brewing and now we are drinking delicious coffee and enjoying our vacation.
Fig.11 Brewing coffee

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