Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to Assemble AppleGate Garden Hanging Rack

Fig.1 Plant Stand
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Directions Page
Plant Stand kit
Phillip screwdriver 

We wanted a plant stand for several herbs we were planting in our little patio. Our condominium has little private room and we wanted to share it with green evergreens and herbs. We purchased the AppleGate Garden Kit at our Sam's Club. The kit came with visual picture instructions to assist in the assembly of the product.

This post shows the six steps to assemble a AppleGate® hanging rack. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the AppleGate® Garden kit.
Step 2: Fig 2 shows the directions page:

Follow the directions below
Fig.2 Directions
Step 3: Fig 3 through fig.5 shows the parts lists and the assembly of the plant rack. Thread the bolts included into the metal stands and use a Phillip screwdriver with a pliers to hold the nut in place.
Fig.3 Parts list
Fig.5 Bolt for 4-bottom
Fig.4 Bolt goes through 
top two bars
Step 4: Fig 6 through Fig.8 shows the parts lists for the assembly of the plant rack.
Fig.6 Hook directions
Fig.7 Hooks open
Fig.8 Hooks closed

Step 5: Fig.9 shows that the feet have rubber so no rust stains on the patio cement.
Fig.9 Rubber feet covers

Step 6: Fig.10 shows the final picture. Fig.11 shows the commercial picture of what the plant stand looks like after installation. The pictures of the drawn plans above were of the AppleGate® garden stand system.
Fig.10 Job finished
Fig.11 AppleGate® box 
plant stand

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