Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to Repair Candle Damages on Fireplace Mantle - Part 2 of 3 - Taping and Priming

By Gary Boutin
Claw hammer

Part and Supplies:  

Blue painter's tape
Claw Hammer
Kilz Latex Primer ® 
Paint brush
Paint can opener
Paint tray
Paint liner
Paint paddle (free with paint)
Paint primer
Semi-gloss paint (Sherman Williams ®)
Yellow rubber gloves

My home suffered from the holiday cheer. A Christmas candle was left lit and it burned almost past its bottom. The candle thankfully did not burn down the house, but it did damage the white fireplace mantle paint.The surface was left blistered and peeling.

This post shows six steps to apply Kilz Latex Primer® to the damaged fireplace mantel. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the preparation of the primer damage. Blue painter's tape was placed around the sanded damage.
Fig.1 The job

Step 2: Fig.2 shows the Kilz® Latex primer can that will be used to prime the fireplace mantle. Notice the top of the can has a paint can opener which often comes when the paint is purchased.
Fig.2 Kilz primer

Step 3: Fig.3 shows the paint being stirred with a paint paddle. Make sure the primer paint is nice and thick with no streaks and one solid color.
Fig.3 Solid white color
Step 4: Fig.4 through fig.7 shows the the primer being applied. Fig.4 shows the first coat of primer paint being applied. Fig.5 shows the paint has dried and another coat was applied in another direction, thus criss-cross the paint. Fig.6 shows the second coat of primer paint applied to the area. Fig.7 show the paint has dried and its ready for the next step.
Fig.4 First coat
Fig.5 Dried primer
Fig.6 Final primer coat
Fig.7 Final primer dried
Step 5: Fig.8 shows the paint can being closed with a claw hammer for the next use.
Fig.8 Sealing the paint
Step 6: Fig.9 through fig.11 shows the clean-up of the paint brushes and the paint paddle. This way these tools can be used for the next job. Fig.9 shows to use a kitchen sink. Fig.10 shows that dish soap was used to clean up the brush. Fig.11 shows the paint equipment is ready for further use.
Fig.9 Clean with water

Fig.10 Dish soap
Cleaned tools
How to Repair Candle Damages on Fireplace Mantle:

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